About Us

First of all, welcome to our site!
We are proud parents. When we decided the names for our kids, we found a lot of information on name choices scattering on the Internet. This was what motivated us to build this site to provide all pieces of information together, such as: meanings, origins, usages, popularity over the time, related names and famous people for a given name.
We hope our site would be a good utility for future parents. Please share your feedbacks and send any feature requests by email to babynamechoice gmail.com. We strive to continue to improve the site.

We spent a lot of our time in curating and validating our contents. Index and make the data searchable. Please respect our efforts. Please do not copy and redistribute the content without our consent.

Regarding to privacy, we do not and will not collect any sensitive information. We use third-party advertising companies, to show ads when you visit this website, which help to keep it up and running.