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We have collected a lot of facts and numbers about each baby name. We tried our best to make this information easily accessible. Below we introduce the few ways to navigate through the site. If you have any suggestions, please email to babynamechoice gmail.com.
The list of popular baby names of the most recent 1 year (the latest released SSA data is 2018).

  • Top baby girl names
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  • We curated lists of names based on their meanings. They can be easily found in the section. Popular baby names with the meanings:
  • promise, oath
  • bright
  • faith, faithful
  • pure, chaste
  • Many other meanings can be found at the section.
    There are also lists of baby names for each specific origin.
  • Latin origin
  • Greek
  • Hebrew
  • French
  • Slavic
  • Baby name lists of more origins can be found at the section.
    We processed the Wikipedia data dump and extracted all the names. We identified the list of peoples for each baby name. For example, there are 1851 artists named John, 41 kings named George, 20 scientists named Frederick. More can be found at the section.
    We built indexese and provide extensive search functionality over our data. Simply fill in the search box to search by
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