Fashion Baby Names

How to find a name which sounds powerful and fashion? Consider cool names with one syllable, which are often very attractive.
Wren is suitable for girls, a baby name of Welsh style. It sounds like leaders and visionary. It is a cool name.
Saige is a girl name. It is a beautiful name which often reminds of girls with brown hairs. It is somewhat related to autumn. The alternative is Sage, which is more popular.

Beau is a name for boys, originated from French Beauregard. It means handsome and lover.
Blair is a name for girls. Originated from Scottland. Its meaning is glassland and earth. It is more and more popular since 2015. It might be because in the Gossip Girl, Blair Waldorf, queen bee of Manhattan's social scene.
Boy name Paul is quite common and attractive. The name has a humble and low-key meaning. It reminds like Paul Walker in movie Speed and Passion, calm and charming.
Mae is a variant of May. It is particularly suitable for girls who are born in May. It is also the name of a rock band in US. This name has power and charm.
Boy name Mark is originally from Latin word Marcus. Its original meaning is horse. It is a common name. People with the name are often frank and generous.
Anne is absolutely a lovely name. Its origin is french and german. It is always fashionable. The famous actress Anne Hathaway is an award-winning super star.
Baby boy name Jase is from Greek and form of Jason. It has healing in its meaning. It feels walm when thinking about this name.
Eve is the first girl in the world, from the Bible. It means life.
Grant originated from Scottish word Granta in middle ages. It means tall, high, great.
Maeve means 'intoxicating' or 'she who intoxicates' and has strong links to mead, an ancient honey wine typically consumed during a marriage ceremony. It is rooted in the Irish legend of Queen Maeve or Medb. It is a modern name, very suitable for intelligent and smart girls.
Kyle is a name for boys and occasionally can be used for girls as well. It means a narrow strait. It is adventurous.
Joy rooted in French rejoicing, happy. It is sweet and lovely.
Blake is a name for girls, like Gossip Girl, Queen S, Blake Lively.

Joel is from a Hebrew word meaning Yahweh Is God. You can find many singers and rock band players with the name Joel.
Skye is an interesting name, a new variant of sky, literately means sky. It is suitable for girls.
Ruth is a common female given name noted from Ruth the eponymous heroine of the eighth book of the Old Testament. It means companion, friend, fellow woman.
George is a widespread given name. The name derives in origin from the name of Zeus Georgos, worshipped as a god of crops. It means earth worker, farmer. This name is always popular. Like the little prince in England, Prince George of Cambridge, George Alexander Louis.
Jane is a beautiful and peaceful girl name. It has a sense of elegance. Jane Austen was a famous English novelist.
Boy name Bryce is from Welsh. In Celtic, means: swift.
Max is a name that is usually used for boys. In the recent years, it becomes a name for boys and girls. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg named his daughter Max.
Cole is a short form of Nicholas. Its meaning is swarthy, coal-black, charcoal. It is also often used as middle name or family name.
Kate is a name with the meaning, pure and clean. It is a short form of Katherine. Reese is a sweet name for baby girls. It is the form of ryhs: dweller by the river crossing; enthusiasm. Reese Witherspoon is a very popular American actress.