Favorite Baby Names by Name Nerd in 2020

r/namenerds: The online community in Reddit for those who are interested in searching and sharing baby names. They conducted the pool for favorite names every year.

Here are their 2020 version. The most voted boy first names:

  • Henry : from Germanic words meaning 'home' and 'kingdom'.
  • Arthur : strong as a bear
  • Theodore : Gift of God. From theo (god) and doro (present).
  • James : Supplanter, holder of the heel.
  • Oliver : Olive tree, guard of all.
  • Leo : lion
  • Sebastian : from the Latin name Sebastianus meaning from Sebastia
  • Jack : little John, God is gracious
  • Benjamin : From the Hebrew name Binyamin: son of the south, son of the right hand.
  • Ezra : help in Hebrew.
  • Felix : happy, lucky
  • Owen : well born, yew born, young warrior, noble.
  • The most vosted girl first names:
  • Eleanor : light, torch, bright
  • Violet : violet, purple
  • Charlotte : full-grown, man, manly, freeman, peasant
  • Elizabeth : oath of God, my God is a vow
  • Alice : nobility, of noble kind
  • Evelyn : wished for child
  • Lucy : light, born at dawn or daylight
  • Nora : bright one, light, honor.
  • Matilda : Germanic origin, literally mighty in battle
  • Caroline : full-grown, a man, freeman, manly
  • Eloise : from Germanic Helewidis, combine of elements heil (hale, healthy) and wid (wide).
  • Josephine : derived from Joseph, he will enlarge, he will add