Origin: Arabic
7 famous people named Abdulhak found on Wikipedia.


Abdul Haq (Arabic: عبد الحق ‎‎) is a Muslim male given name, and in modern usage, surname. It is built from the Arabic words Abd, al- and Haqq. The name means "servant of the Truth", Al-Haqq being one of the names of God in the Qur'an, which give rise to the Muslim theophoric names.
The letter a of the al- is unstressed, and can be transliterated by almost any vowel, often by e. So the first part can appear as Abdel, Abdul or Abd-al. The second part may appear as Haq, Haqq, Haque, Hak or in other ways. The whole name is subject to variable spacing and hyphenation.

Famous People: 7 found on Wikipedia.
Popularity Name Birth Year Description
1 Shaher Abdulhak 1938 Yemeni businessman
2 Abdülhak Hâmid Tarhan 1852 Turkish writer and politician
3 Abdülhak Kemal Yörük 1898 Turkish politician
4 Abdülhak Şinasi Hisar 1887 Turkish writer
5 Abdülhak Tevfik Gençtürk 1885 Turkish politician
6 Abdülhak Fırat 1881 Turkish politician
7 Abdülhak Molla Turkish physician