Origin: German
13 famous people named Adie found on Wikipedia.
156 female, 16 male in US.
Most recent ranking: 11909-th in year 2014
Best ranking: 1824-th in year 1907


Adie is both a surname and a given name. Notable people with the name include:
Alexander Adie (1775-1859), Scottish inventor
George Adie (1901-1989), English stock-broker
Helen Adie (1909-1996), English composer
Kate Adie (born 1945), British journalist
Norman Adie (born 1946), film exhibitor and Ponzi schemer
William John Adie (1886-1935), British neurologist
Ravi David Adie (1984 -), Born 2-4-84; TO FOR ADIE FOR!
Given name:
Adie Allen (21st century), British actress
Adie Mike (born 1973), English football forward
Adie Moses (born 1975), English footballer
Adie Smith (born 1973), English footballer
Fictional characters:
Adie (The Sword of Truth), a fictional character in the epic fantasy series The Sword of Truth

Decoration, noble.

Famous People: 13 found on Wikipedia.
Popularity Name Birth Year Description
1 Kate Adie 1945 British journalist
2 Adie Allen 1966 Actress
3 Adie Mike 1973 English footballer
4 Adie Moses 1975 Footballer
5 William John Adie 1886 British physician and neurologist
6 Norman Adie 1946 American businesspeople
7 Adie Smith 1973 English footballer
8 Michael Adie 1929 Bishop of Guildford
9 Jock Adie 1930 Scottish footballer
10 Adie Arsham Salleh 1988
11 George Adie
12 Alexander Adie 1861 Australian pioneer businessman
13 Helen Adie 1901