Origin: Gaelic
41 famous people named Alana found on Wikipedia.
56922 female, 31 male in US.
Most recent ranking: 200-th in year 2018
Best ranking: 143-th in year 2007
Used in: English


Alanna, Alanah or Alannah or Alenah is a girl's given name which has disputed origins. It can be derived either from the Old High German word for "precious" or from the Irish language term "a leanbh" or "child", in English. In Gaelic Alanna as itself is the term for "beauty" or "serenity". It's sometimes considered a feminine form of Alan.
Alana is a common female given name coming from the Goidelic/ Hawaiian community meaning fair, beautiful, offering. It also is an Ibo given name which means father land or father's land in Igbo language.
Alana or Elana can also be the female name in an English translation of Elan which in Hebrew means "oak tree".


Famous People: 41 found on Wikipedia.
Popularity Name Birth Year Description
1 Alana de la Garza 1976 American actress
2 Alana Stewart 1945 Model, actress
3 Alana Blanchard 1990 American surfer
4 Alana Evans 1976 American pornographic actress
5 Alana Austin 1982 Actress
6 Alana Beard 1982 American professional women's basketball player
7 Alana Mareva
8 Alana Lowes 1980 Australian chef and journalist
9 Alana Davis 1974 American musician
10 Alana Boyd 1984 Australian pole vaulter
11 Alana Nichols 1983 Disability skier and wheelchair basketball player from the United States
12 Alana Dante 1969 Belgian singer
13 Alana Shipp 1982 American/Israeli bodybuilder
14 Alana Newhouse 1976 American writer and editor
15 Alana Zimmer 1987 Canadian model
16 Alana Levandoski Canadian musician
17 Alana Patience 1980 Australian ballroom dancer
18 Alana Grace 1987 American singer and actor
19 Alana Semuels American journalist
20 Alana DeLong 1948 Canadian politician
21 Alana Bridgewater Musical theatre actor
22 Alana Ladd 1943 American actor
23 Alana Cordy-Collins 1944 Archaeologist
24 Alana Blahoski 1974 American ice hockey player
25 Alana Valentine Australian playwright
26 Alana Barber 1987 New Zealander racewalker
27 Alana Nicholls 1986 Australian female canoer
28 Alana Dillette 1987 Bahamian swimmer
29 Alana Bock 1969 German actress
30 Alana Millington 1988 Olympic field hockey player
31 Alana Hood Actress
32 Alana American singer
33 Alana Miller 1980 Canadian squash player
34 Alana Cash Writer, filmmaker
35 Alana I. Capria 1985 American writer
36 Alana Marshall 1987 Scottish footballer
37 Alana Pedrozo 1992 Paraguayan handball player
38 Alana Maldonado 1995
39 Alana Paon
40 Alana Play 1984
41 Alana Lee Pornographic actress