Origin: German, Hebrew, Latin
29 famous people named Aria found on Wikipedia.
51312 female, 555 male in US.
Most recent ranking: 19-th in year 2018
Best ranking: 19-th in year 2018
Used in: English


Arya (Persian: آریا‎‎ āryā, Sanskrit: आर्य ārya) is a Persian and North Indian given name. Arya is a unisex name in India, in sanskrit it means wise or of a noble character. In some countries it may be a masculine name. The name is also beginning to appear in the western world after the character Arya Stark of the television series Game of Thrones.
For the meaning and history of the Sanskrit word, see the article Aryan.

"melody for a single voice," from Italian aria, literally "air" (see air (n.1)). Historically considered, the aria marks a single moment in the course of a dramatic action. The text often consists of but a few words, many times repeated (as we find in Handel's oratorios, etc.), and the musical development is the main thing. The opposite of aria is recitative (q.v.), in which the declamation of the syllables is the main thing, colored, perhaps, by means of clever orchestration. [W.S.B. Mathews and Emil Liebling, "Dictionary of Music," 1896]

Means: intelligence of an eagle in Teutonic. Means: lion of God, derived from Ariel in Hebrew. Means: song, melody in Italian.

Famous People: 29 found on Wikipedia.
Popularity Name Birth Year Description
1 Aria Giovanni 1977 American model and erotic glamour actress
2 Aria Montgomery Fictional character in the Pretty Little Liars Series
3 Aria Wallace 1996 American singer
4 Aria Curzon 1987 American actress
5 Aria American recording artist, songwriter, and actress
6 Aria Baron 1970
7 Aria Alexander 1995
8 Aria Clemente 1995 Filipino musician
9 ARIA ASIA 1984
10 Nikita Aria Actress, voice actress, singer, model, anchor, and veejay
11 Aria Dinata
12 Daan Aria
13 Sultan Mahmud Lamanjiji Perkasa Alam 1997
14 Aria Finger Business professional
15 Aria Tesolin 1993 Canadian child singer
16 Aria Pullman
17 Aria Fischer 1999
18 Aria Noir 1975 American pornographic actress
19 Aria Wiraraja
20 Kaminieli Aria Fijian cricketer
21 Alphonse Aria 1902 Wrestler
22 Aria McKenna
23 Aria Sastrawinata
24 Aria Sunarya 1898
25 Aria Bima
26 Aria Soleimanipak
27 Aria Kusumadewa 1963
28 Savenaca Aria 1964 Fijian rugby union player
29 Arya Nasimi Shad 1999