Origin: German
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Arnulf is a masculine German given name. It is composed of the Germanic elements arn "eagle" and ulf "wolf". The -ulf, -olf suffix was an extremely frequent element in Germanic onomastics and from an early time was perceived as a mere suffix forming given names. Similarly, the suffix -wald, -ald, -old, originally from wald "rule, power" underwent semantic weakening. Therefore, the name Arnulf and Arnold were often conflated in early medieval records, as is the case with bishop Arnulf of Metz (died 640), especially as the final consonant came to be dropped (Arnoul).
The name Arnulf is attested from as early as the 5th century, as the name of the brother of Odoacer. The name is attested with some frequency in Medieval Germany throughout the 8th to 11th centuries, in the spelling variants Arnulf, Arnulph, Arnolf, occasionally also as Arenulph, Harnulf, Harnolf, Harnolph. In the 9th century, Arnulf of Carinthia was the ruler of East Francia and was crowned Holy Roman Emperor in 896.
There was an Anglo-Saxon cognate, Earnulf (Ernulf), which was assimilated to the Frankish form of the name after the Norman conquest. Arnulf of Eynesbury is an obscure 9th-century English saint, who was mostly forgotten by the 11th century, and who was perhaps just a folkloristic duplicate of the historical Arnulf of Metz. In any case, the English Arnulf would have been known as Earnulf, and his relics were venerated in Earnulfesbyrig (Eynesbury, Cambridgeshire). The name is also attested in medieval Scandinavia, as Old Norse Arnúlfr (Ærnulfr, Ǫrnólfr, Ǫrnulfr, Old Swedish Ærinolf, Ærnolf, Ärnulf). Scandinavian dialectal and regional variants of the name include Annul, Annulv, Anul, Arnolv, Arnulv, Örnólfur, Ørnolvur, Örnulf, Ørnulf, Ørnulv.
The given name Arnulf remains in use in Germany and in Norway, and to a lesser extent in Sweden.

Germanic name derived from the elements arn (eagle) and wulf (wolf).

Famous People: 74 found on Wikipedia.
Popularity Name Birth Year Description
1 Arnulf of Carinthia 0850 King of East Francia
2 Arnulf I, Count of Flanders 0889 Count of Flanders
3 Arnulf II, count of Flanders 0960 Count of Flanders (965–987)
4 Arnulf Rainer 1929 Austrian artist
5 Arnulf Rating 1951 German actor and screenwriter
6 Arnulf Øverland 1889 Norwegian writer
7 Arnulf Priem 1948 German business manager
8 Arnulf III, Count of Boulogne Count of Boulogne
9 Arnulf II, Count of Boulogne 1000 Count of Boulogne
10 Arnulf Paulsen 1949 Norwegian musician
11 Arnulf III, Count of Flanders 1054 Count of Flanders
12 Arnulf Baring 1932 German lawyer, writer and academic
13 Arnulf of Sens 0794
14 Arnulf of Chocques Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem
15 Arnulf Wenning 1957 German musician
16 Arnulf Klett 1905 German mayor
17 Arnulf Refsnes 1972 Norwegian model
18 Arnulf II van Beieren 0913
19 Arnulf von Eyb 1955 German politician
20 Arnulf Abele 1914 German officer and Knight's Cross recipient
21 Arnulf Krause 1955 German university teacher and non-fiction writer
22 Arnulf von Arnim 1947 German musician
23 Arnulf Haga 1946
24 Arnolfo di Milano 1000 Italian writer, presbyter and historian
25 Arnulf Bryan Fuentebella 1976
26 Arnulf of Lisieux 1105 French bishop
27 Arnulf de Montgomery Earl of Pembroke
28 Arnulf von Scheliha 1961 German theologian
29 Arnulf Blasig 1913 German officer and Knight's Cross recipient
30 Arnulf Conradi 1944 German publisher and literary editor
31 Arnulf of Leuven 1200 Belgian poet and abbot
32 Arnulf Baumann 1932 German author
33 Arnulf Schumacher 1940 German actor
34 Arnulf Erich Stegmann 1912 German painter and sculptor
35 Arnulf Kolstad 1942 Norwegian psychologist
36 Arnulf Herrmann 1968 German composer
37 Arnulf Solvoll 1908 Norwegian missionary
38 Arnulf Thiede 1942 German surgeon
39 Arnulf Schlüter 1922 German physicist
40 Arnulf Schröder 1903 German actor
41 Arnulf III 1001 Religious leader
42 Arnulf Meffle 1957 Handball player
43 Arnulf Zitelmann 1929 German author
44 Arnulf Neuwirth 1912 Austrian painter
45 Arnulf Kriedner 1938 German politician
46 Arnulf Häfele 1946 Austrian politician and historian
47 Arnulf Heimhofer 1930 German painter
48 Albert Arnulf 1898 French engineer and physicist
49 Georges Arnulf 1921 French painter
50 Arnulf II, Archbishop of Milan Religious leader
51 Arnulf Ploder 1955 Austrian author
52 Arnulf Melzer 1948 German university teacher
53 Arnulf of Eynesbury
54 Arnulf Hölzerkopf 1909 Recipient of the Knight's Cross
55 Arnulf Bæk 1943 Norwegian handball player
56 Arnould de Valenciennes 1000
57 Arnulf Sunde 1951 Norwegian speed skater
58 Arnulf Meinhold 1899
59 Arnulf Olsen 1928 Norwegian politician
60 Arnulf Stefenelli 1938 Austrian linguist
61 Arnulf Lode 1941 German politician
62 Arnulf Pilhatsch 1925 Austrian athletics competitor
63 Arnulf Borsche 1928 German politician
64 Étienne Arnulf 1920 French politician
65 Arnulf Hagen 1962
66 Arnulf Pahlitzsch 1933 German association football player
67 Arnulf Liebing 1927 German author
68 Arnulf Wallner 1936 German painter (1936-1975)
69 Arnulf of Toul Bishop of Toul
70 Saint Arnoux
71 Arnulf Ingebrigtsen 1942 Norwegian politician
72 Arnulf
73 Arnulf Goksøyr 1963 Norwegian politician
74 Arnulf Schøyen 1837 Norwegian politician