Origin: English, Gaelic
103 famous people named Bean found on Wikipedia.
5 male in US.
Most recent ranking: 6368-th in year 1981
Best ranking: 6368-th in year 1981


Old English bean "bean, pea, legume," from Proto-Germanic *bauno (source also of Old Norse baun, Middle Dutch bone, Dutch boon, Old High German bona, German Bohne), and related to Latin faba "bean;" Greek phakos "lentil;" Albanian bathë "horse-bean;" Old Prussian babo, Russian bob "bean," but the original form is obscure. Watkins suggests a PIE reduplicated root *bha-bhā- "broad bean;" de Vaan writes that the Italic, Slavic and Germanic "are probably independent loanwords from a European substratum word of the form *bab- (or similar) 'bean'." As a metaphor for "something of small value" it is attested from c. 1300 (hill of beans as something not much to amount to is from 1863). Meaning "head" is U.S. baseball slang 1905 (in bean-ball "a pitch thrown at the head"); thus slang verb bean meaning "to hit on the head," attested from 1910. Bean-shooter as a child's weapon for mischief, a sort of small sling-shot to fire beans, is attested from 1876. Slang bean-counter "accountant" recorded by 1971. The notion of lucky or magic beans in English folklore is from the exotic beans or large seeds, carried from the Caribbean or South America by the Gulf Stream, that wash up occasionally in Cornwall and western Scotland. They were cherished, believed to ward off the evil eye and aid in childbirth. To not know beans "be ignorant" is attested by 1842 in American English, often said to be a New England phrase; it is perhaps from the "object of little worth" sense. Some of the earliest citations give it in a fuller form, but they do not agree: "why, I sometimes think they don't know beans when the bag is open" ["The History of the Saints," 1842]; "This feller don't know beans from porridge, no how." ["Etchings of a Whaling Cruise," 1850]. It might have a connection to the English colloquial expression know how many beans make five (1824) "be a clever fellow."

Scottish baby name: fair skinned. Occupational name for a grower or seller of beans. Nickname for a pleasant person, means: friendly, amiable. Diminutive of beatha: life in Gaelic.

Famous People: 103 found on Wikipedia.
Popularity Name Birth Year Description
1 Sean Bean 1959 English actor
2 Sawney Bean 1500 Semi-mythical head of a 48-member clan in 15th- or 16th-century Scotland
3 Orson Bean 1928 American Actor
4 Noah Bean 1978 American actor
5 Roy Bean 1825 American judge
6 Shoshana Bean 1977 American actress and musician
7 Colin Bean 1926 Actor
8 Leon Leonwood Bean 1872 American businessman
9 Andy Bean 1953 American college golfer, professional golfer, PGA Tour member
10 Linda Bean 1941 American businessman
11 Travis Bean 1947 American luthier
12 Charles Bean 1879 Journalist, historian
13 Terry Bean American activist
14 Melissa Bean 1962 American politician
15 Marcus Bean 1984 English footballer
16 Henry Bean 1945 Film director, actor
17 Jake Bean 1998
18 MC Bean 1984 Romanian musician
19 Charlie Bean 1953 British economist
20 Bean Character in the Ender's Game series
21 Ivy Bean 1905 British internet personality
22 Mr. Bean 1955 Character in Mr. Bean
23 Bean Bunny
24 Vaughn Bean 1974 American boxer
25 Carl Bean 1944 Clergy
26 Robert Bennett Bean 1874 American anatomist and ethnologist
27 Martin G. Bean 1964 British academic administrator
28 Aaron Bean 1967 American politician
29 Bubba Bean 1954 American football player
30 Joshua Bean 1818 American mayor
31 Michael Bean
32 David Bean 1954 British judge
33 Dexter Bean 1987 Racecar driver
34 Bennett Bean 1941 Artist
35 Mollie Bean Confederate Army soldier
36 Terry "Harmonica" Bean 1961 American blues harmonicist and guitarist
37 Colter Bean 1977 American baseball player
38 Hugh Bean 1929 British musician
39 Peter Ellis Bean 1783 Mexican revolutionary
40 Anne Bean 1950 Performance artist
41 Tarleton Hoffman Bean 1846 American ichthyologist
42 Cathy Bao Bean 1942 Educator
43 Joe Bean 1874 Major League Baseball shortstop
44 Daniel A. Bean 1846 American Uniion Army soldier, 1846
45 Randy Bean 1956
46 George Ewart Bean 1903 Archaeologist
47 Gerry Bean
48 Joel Bean 1825 Quaker
49 William Bennett Bean 1909 Filipino physician
50 Gastone Bean 1936 Italian footballer
51 Curtis Coe Bean 1828 American politician
52 James Bean 1933 Politician
53 Benning M. Bean 1782 American politician
54 Robert S. Bean 1854 American judge
55 James C. Bean Vice president and provost, University of Oregon
56 Belve Bean 1905 American baseball player
57 John Bean 1751
58 Henry J. Bean 1853 American politician
59 Jeff Bean 1977 Canadian freestyle skier
60 Marc Bean 1974
61 Billy Bean 1915 Professional footballer
62 Ralph Bean 1980 Bermudian footballer
63 Alan Bean Activist
64 Roger Bean 1962 American writer, director and producer
65 Frank D. Bean 1942 American academic
66 William Jackson Bean 1863 British botanist
67 Graham Bean 1961 Compliance Officer of the English Football Association
68 Keishen Bean 1987 Bermudian footballer
69 David R. Bean 1827 American politician
70 Philip Bean 1936 Professor
71 Robert Bean Canadian photographer
72 Anthony Bean 1957 Australian botanist
73 Richard Bean 1965 French actor
74 Marjorie Bean Bermudian politician, educator and philanthropist
75 Blenn Bean 1977 Bermudian footballer
76 Pedro Bean 1954 Argentinian aviator and military personnel
77 William Bean 1787 English palaeontologist
78 Joseph Bean 1876 English cricketer
79 Nicolas Bean 1987 Short track speed skater
80 Barton Appler Bean 1860 American zoologist
81 Ernest Bean 1866
82 Selwyn Bean 1886 British Archdeacon
83 Orestes U. Bean 1874
84 Jonathan Bean 1964 English cricketer
85 Ralph J. Bean 1912 American politician
86 Leslie Bean 1906 Cricketer
87 Richard A. Bean American banker
88 Ron Bean 1926 English footballer
89 Maurice Darrow Bean 1928 American diplomat
90 Josh Bean 1982 Player of American and Canadian football
91 Margaret Bean 1953 A former track and road cyclist from Guam.
92 David Marks Bean 1832
93 DeVon Bean
94 Graeme Bean 1948 Australian rules footballer
95 Reathel Bean 1942 American actor
96 Caroline van Hook Bean
97 Isabelle Bean 1862
98 Patricia Anne Bean 1930 Botanist
99 Danielle Bean 2000 American biathlete
100 Bean van Limbeek 1944
101 George Bean British singer and guitarist.
102 Rachel Bean
103 Floyd Bean 1904 American musician and pianist