Origin: Indian
3 famous people named Deepthi found on Wikipedia.
18 female in US.
Most recent ranking: 14532-th in year 2017
Best ranking: 13946-th in year 2006


Deepti (Nepali: दीप्ति) is a Hindu common feminine given name, which means "the last ray of hope when all hope is lost". It basically means "a bright flame that blinds the eye". In Sanskrit, Deepta, means "light", "glow", "shine", "brilliant" or "a person who spreads light to people around". It is also known by the spelling Deepthi in south India and Deepti/Dipti in north India.

Means: divine light, light in darkness in Indian origin.

Famous People: 3 found on Wikipedia.
Popularity Name Birth Year Description
1 Deepthi Nambiar 1986 Indian film actress
2 Deepthi Kumara Gunarathne Sri Lankan politician
3 Deepthi Chapala 1979 Badminton player