Origin: Greek, Latin
24 famous people named Demi found on Wikipedia.
9225 female, 6 male in US.
Most recent ranking: 395-th in year 2018
Best ranking: 395-th in year 2018
Used in: Greek


Demi is feminine given name with Greek and Latin roots. It is originally a nickname form of Demetria, the feminine form of the masculine name Demetrius, which is itself the Latin and English spelling of Greek name Demetrios.
Demi is also a prefix meaning "half", loaned from French; for example, demi frère which means "half brother" or demi soeur which means "half sister".
People with the given name Demi include:
Demi Lovato (b. 1992), American actress and singer-songwriter
Demi (author) (b. 1942), American children's book author
Demi Delia (b. 1967), adult actress
Demi Moore (b. 1962), American actress
Demi Orimoloye (b. 1997), Canadian baseball player
Demy (singer) (b. 1991), Greek singer
Demi is uncommon as a surname.

Word-forming element meaning "half, half-sized, partial," early 15c., from Old French demi "half" (12c.), from Late Latin dimedius, from Latin dimidius "half, one-half," which contains the elements dis- "apart" (see dis-) + medius "middle" (see medial).

Abbreviation of Demetria: the mythological goddess of corn and harvest.

Famous People: 24 found on Wikipedia.
Popularity Name Birth Year Description
1 Demi Lovato 1992 American actress, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, philanthropist, model and businesswoman
2 Demi Moore 1962 American actress
3 Demi Harman 1993 Actress
4 Demi Miller
5 Demi Stokes 1991 English footballer
6 Demi Schuurs 1993 Dutch tennis player
7 Demi Payne 1991
8 Demi Orimoloye 1997
9 Ali Demi 1918 Albanian resistance fighter
10 Demi Getschko Brazilian engineer
11 Musa Demi 1878 Albanian writer
12 Tahir Demi 1919 Albanian politician
13 Demi Evans 1965 American singer
14 Demi de Jong 1995 Cyclist
15 Rexhep Demi 1864 Albanian politician
16 Gazment Demi
17 Niazi Demi 1919 Albanian politician
18 Demi British DJ
19 Demi Holborn 1992 British singer
20 Leonard Demi Albanian politician
21 Paolo Emilio Demi 1798 Italian sculptor
22 Enkel Demi
23 Neli Demi
24 Gino Demi 1901 Italian association football player