Origin: Greek
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Dimitrije (Serbian Cyrillic: Димитрије) is a masculine given name. Dimitrije is a Serbian variant of a Greek name Demetrius. It may refer to:
Dimitrije Ljubavić (1519–1564), Serbian Orthodox deacon, humanist, writer and printer
Patriarch Dimitrije (1846–1930), the first Patriarch of the reunified Serbian Orthodox Church
Dimitrije Ljotić (1891–1945), Serbian fascist politician
Dimitrije Mitrinović (1887–1953), Serbian philosopher, poet, revolutionary, mystic, theoretician of modern painting, traveller and cosmopolite
Dimitrije Tucović (1881–1914), Serbian theorist of the socialist movement, prominent leader and a publisher
Dimitrije Injac (born 1983), Serbian football midfielder
Dimitrije Dimitrijević
Dimitrije Popović (born 1951), eminent Montenegrin and Croatian painter, sculptor, art critic and philosopher
Dimitrije Bjelica (born 1935), Serbian (formerly Yugoslav) chess FIDE Master who can be found in the Guinness Book of Records for playing a 312-board simul in Subotica in 1997 (score: +219 −1 =92)
Dimitrije Avramović (1815–1855), Serbian painter known best for his iconostasis and frescos
Dimitrije T. Leko (1863–1914), renowned Serbian architect and urbanist
Dimitrije Bašičević (1921–1987), artist, curator and art critic
Dimitrije Dimitri Davidovic (born 1944), Belgian of Serbian descent former football player, and a football manager
Dimitrije Pejanović (born 1974), Serbian handballer
Dimitrije Ruvarac (1842–1931), Serbian historian, Orthodox priest, politician and publisher
Dimitrije Dositej Obradović (1742–1811), Serbian writer, philosopher, dramatist, librettist, linguist, traveler, polyglot and the first minister of education of Serbia
Dimitrije Banjac (born 1976), Serbian actor and comedian
Dimitrije Stojaković, birth name of Döme Sztójay (1883–1946), a Hungarian soldier and diplomat of Serb origin
Dimitrije Đorđević (historian) (1922–2009), widely published historian of Modern European history, especially of the Balkans
Dimitrije Bogdanović (1930–1986), Serbian historian and member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Dimitrije Davidović (1789–1838), secretary to Miloš Obrenović I, Prince of Serbia, Minister of Education of the Principality of Serbia, writer, journalist, publisher, historian, diplomatist, and founder of modern Serbian journalism and publishing
Dimitrije Nešić (1836–1904), mathematician and president of the Serbian Royal Academy
Dimitrije Tomović (born 1996), Serbian football defender who plays for Spartak Subotica

Means: earth goddess, mother earth, of Demeter, dedicated to Demeter, son of Demeter, goddess of the harvest and agriculture.

Famous People: 43 found on Wikipedia.
Popularity Name Birth Year Description
1 Dimitrije Ljotić 1891 Serbian fascist politician
2 Dimitrije Tucović 1881 Serbian politician
3 Dimitrije Mitrinović 1887 Serbian writer
4 Dimitrije Banjac 1976 Serbian actor
5 Dimitrije Injac 1980 Serbian footballer
6 Dimitrije Bjelica 1935 Serbian chess player
7 Dimitrije Davidovic 1789 Diplomat and journalist (1789-1838)
8 Dimitrije Živković Yugoslav general
9 Dimitrije Bužarovski 1952 Macedonian composer, pianist and music scholar
10 Dimitrije Bašičević 1921 Serbian artist
11 Dimitrije Bogdanović 1930 Serbian historian
12 Dimitrije T. Leko 1863 Serbian architect
13 Dimitrije Tomović 1996 Serbian association football player
14 Dimitrije Đorđević 1922 Serbian historian and member of Serbian Academy of Science and Arts
15 Dimitrije Kantakouzenos Serbian writer
16 Dimitrije Avramović 1815 Serbian artist
17 Dimitrije Pejanović 1974 Serbian handball player
18 Dimitrije Dimitrijević Bosnia and Herzegovina footballer
19 Dimitrije Ljubavić
20 Dimitrije Ruvarac 1842 Serbian historian
21 Dimitrije Najdanović 1897
22 Dimitrije Nešić 1836 Mathematician and president of Serbian Royal Academy
23 Dimitrije Bačević 1735 Serbian painter
24 Dimitrije Serbian magnate from 14th century
25 Dimitrije Karaman
26 Dimitrije Grgić 1984
27 Dimitrije Vukčević Serbian politician
28 Dimitrije Konjović 1888
29 Duke Dimitrije Pepić
30 Dimitrije Filipović 1993 Serbian ice hockey player
31 Dimitrije Bodi 1850
32 Dimitrije Terzic 1996 Serbian rugby union player
33 Dimitrije Mladenović 1936 Serbian acrhitect
34 Dimitrije Ovčarević Habsburg Serb nobleman
35 Dimitrije Vrbica 1916
36 Dimitrije Vučenov 1911
37 Dimitrije Janičić 1935
38 Dimitrije Bugarski 1740 Serbian politician
39 Dimitrije Bajalica 1911
40 Dimitrije Stefanović 1896
41 Dimitrije Popović 1738 Serbian painter (1738-96)
42 Dimitrije Nikolajević Darvar
43 Dimitrije Rističević 1992