Origin: Gaelic
19 famous people named Dougal found on Wikipedia.
5 male in US.
Most recent ranking: 4078-th in year 1916
Best ranking: 4078-th in year 1916
Used in: Irish, Scottish


Dougal is an Irish and Scottish masculine given name. It is an Anglicised form of the Scottish Gaelic Dubhghall, or Dùghall. These Gaelic names are composed of the elements: dubh, meaning "black"; and gall, meaning "stranger". The Gaelic names are derived from a byname, said to have referred to a Dane, in contrast to the fairer Norwegians.
Variants of Dougal include: Dugald, and Dugal. A pet form of Dougal is Dougie.

Black stranger, dark stranger.

Famous People: 19 found on Wikipedia.
Popularity Name Birth Year Description
1 Dougal Robertson 1924 British writer
2 Dougal Haston 1940 British mountain climber
3 Dougal Dixon 1947 British geologist
4 DJ Dougal 1975 DJ from the United Kingdom
5 Dougal Butler
6 Dougal Wilson 1971 English video director
7 Dougal Stevenson 1942 New Zealand television presenter
8 Dougal Howard 1996 Australian rules footballer
9 Stuart Dougal 1962 Scottish footballer
10 Dougal Jerram 1969 Geologist, Earth scientist, presenter, author
11 Jim Dougal 1945 British journalist
12 Dougal Drysdale British academic
13 Dougal Graham 1724 Skellat bellman
14 Dougal Marchant British motorcycle designer
15 Dougal Goodman British scientist
16 Jimmy Dougal 1913 Scottish footballer
17 Dougal M. Buie 1888
18 Justin Dougal 1979
19 Miss Dougal