Origin: Hebrew
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6866 male, 464 female in US.
Most recent ranking: 1085-th in year 2018
Best ranking: 799-th in year 1983
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A male given name, form of Elias.

Elliot (also spelled Eliot, Elliott, Eliott and Elyot) is a personal name which can serve as either a surname or a given name. Although the given name was historically given to males, females named Elliot have increased from 414 in 2009 to 770 in 2013, in United States. The origin of the surname is obscure, perhaps due to much of the genealogy of the Eliott clan being burnt in the destruction of the castle at Stobs in 1712 AD. The clan society usually accepts that the name originated from the town and river Elliot in Angus, Scotland. Some other sources suggest it may be derived from a French form of Elias, which is itself derived from the biblical name "Elijah". Yet other sources claim that the Scottish surnames (Eliott, Elliot) originate from the Ellot Scottish border-clan, from a transformation of the name Elwold. There are also records in the Domesday Book of the name spelled "Ailiet", thought to originate from an old English name "Æþelgeat" (meaning "noble gate") and leading to the English and Scottish given name spelled "Elyat", which in turn leads to the modern alternative spelling of the name "Elyot".
Legend has it that the extra "t" in Eliott arose when a branch of the Eliotts adopted Christianity. Differences in spelling can be distinguished in this rhyme:
The double L and single T / Descent from Minto and Wolflee, / The double T and single L / Mark the old racce in Stobs that dwell. / The single L and single T / The Eliots of St Germans be, / But double T and double L, / Who they are nobody can tell.
Robert Bell in The Book of Scots-Irish Family Names adds: "For double L and double T, / the Scots should look across the sea!" He pointed out that 71 of 76 births of children by that name in Ireland in 1890 spelt it "Elliott." Elliot(t)s emigrated or were sent to Ireland in the early 17th century after the unification of the English and Scottish crowns. The Elliot(t)s were notorious reivers – cattle thieves – in the Scottish-English border area and, as such, a thorn in the side of both governments. Many settled in county Fermanagh.
It is generally agreed that spelling of the surname originated in the early 13th century as "Eliot" as there is reference to "Geoffrey Eliot", Abbot of Hyde, in documents linked to the creation of the Magna Carta.
Among the many famous people with this name are the authors T. S. Eliot and George Eliot (pseudonym of Mary Ann Evans). Jane Austen's last completed novel Persuasion includes characters belonging to the Elliot family of Kellynch Hall; Sir Walter Elliot, Bart., and his daughters Anne and Elizabeth.

Surname, Old French diminutive of Elias (French Elie; see Elijah) + -ot. It absorbed the Anglo-Saxon proper names Æðelgeat and Ælfweald "Elf-ruler."

Derived from Hebrew Elijah: my god is the lord.

Famous People: 123 found on Wikipedia.
Popularity Name Birth Year Description
1 T. S. Eliot 1888 20th century English author
2 Eliot Ness 1903 American law enforcement official
3 Eliot Spitzer 1959 54th Governor of New York
4 I Blame Coco 1990 English musician
5 Eliot A. Cohen 1956 American neoconservative military historian
6 Eliot Engel 1947 American politician
7 Eliot Higgins 1979 British citizen journalist and blogger
8 Charles William Eliot 1834 President of Harvard
9 Vivienne Haigh-Wood Eliot 1888 Wife of T S Elliot
10 Eliot Porter 1901 American photographer
11 Eliot Feld 1942 American ballet dancer and choreographer
12 Eliot Marshall 1980 American martial artist
13 Eliot Wolf 1982 Director of Player Personnel of the Green Bay Packers
14 Valerie Eliot 1926 British editor; widow of T.S. Eliot
15 Eliot Cutler 1946 American politician and lawyer
16 Darren Eliot 1961 Canadian ice hockey player
17 Eliot Kennedy 2000 British songwriter and record producer
18 Eliot Noyes 1910 American architect and industrial designer
19 Eliot Lewis 1962 American musician
20 Eliot Asinof 1919 American sportswriter, tax resister
21 Eliot Fisk 1954 American musician
22 Louis Eliot 1968 Singer, songwriter and guitarist
23 Eliot Weinberger 1949 American writer
24 Jim Eliot
25 Eliot Coleman 1938 American farmer and writer
26 Eliot Richards 1991 Welsh ootballer
27 William Greenleaf Eliot 1811 American academic
28 Eliot Rosewater
29 Eliot Wigginton 1942 American folklorist
30 Margaret Eliot 1914 Professor of Oboe
31 Eliot Teltscher 1959 American tennis player
32 Charles Eliot 1862 British diplomat, colonial administrator, diplomat, and biologist
33 Jago Eliot 1966 British Baron
34 Eliot Pattison 1951 American writer and lawyer
35 Eliot Makeham 1882 Actor
36 Eliot Glassheim 1938 American politician
37 Eliot Elisofon 1911 Photographer
38 Thomas H. Eliot 1907 American politician
39 Henry Ware Eliot 1843 American businessman
40 Eliot Hodgkin 1905 British artist
41 Alexander Eliot 1919 American writer
42 Eliot Horowitz Businessperson
43 Eliot Lipp American musician
44 Thomas D. Eliot 1808 American politician
45 Ray Eliot 1905 American football and baseball player and coach, college athletics administrator
46 Eliot Janeway 1913 American economist and journalist
47 Edward James Eliot 1758 British politician
48 Eliot Zborowski American racecar driver
49 Eliot James British record producer
50 Thomas Lamb Eliot 1841 American clergyman
51 Eliot Schrefer 1978 American author
52 Eliot Hyman 1904 American film executive
53 Eliot Zigmund 1945 American jazz drummer
54 Jan Eliot 1950 Cartoonist
55 Eliot Shapleigh 1952 American politician
56 Eliot Deutsch American philosopher
57 Eliot Morris 1977 American musician
58 Eliot Slater 1904 British psychiatrist
59 Edward Craggs-Eliot, 1st Baron Eliot 1727 English Member of Parliament for St Germans, Cornwall
60 Lise Eliot Associate Professor of Neuroscience at The Chicago Medical School
61 Eliot Wald 1946 American comedian
62 Eliot Otis Brown Walters 1993 British actor
63 Eliot Daniel 1908 American composer
64 George Fielding Eliot 1894 Second Lieutenant in the Australian army in World War I
65 Eliot A. Jardines American civil servant
66 Jared Eliot 1685 American colonist
67 Eliot Bliss 1903 Novelist
68 Eliot Cowan 1946 American healer
69 George Eliot English spy in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I
70 Eliot Antonietti 1993 Swiss ice hockey player
71 Eliot Goldfinger Artist
72 Martha May Eliot 1891 American physician
73 Eliot Frankel 1923 American producer
74 Winslow Eliot 1956 American writer
75 Eliot Crawshay-Williams 1879 British politician
76 Henry Eliot Howard 1873 Amateur English ornithologist
77 Eliot Stannard 1888 Screenwriter
78 Eliot Halverson 1990 Figure skater
79 Samuel Atkins Eliot 1862 American historian and theologian
80 D.J. Eliot 1976
81 Eliot Bronson 1979 American musician
82 Samuel Eliot 1739 American banker
83 Eliot Tokar American practitioner of Tibetan medicine
84 Edward Carlyon Eliot 1879 British diplomat
85 Eliot Kleinberg 1956 American journalist
86 Francis Perceval Eliot 1755 Military officer, auditor, man of letters
87 John Nevill Eliot English lepidopterist
88 Eliot Tabron 1960 Track and field athlete
89 Beatbox Eliot 1972
90 Richard Eliot Smooth jazz saxophonist
91 Maurice Eliot 1862 French artist
92 Andrew Eliot 1718 American clergy
93 Eliot Berthon 1992 French ice hockey player
94 John Eliot 1612 English politician, died 1685
95 Eliot V. Elliott 1902 Australian trade unionist
96 Eliot Martin 1959 English footballer
97 Peter Eliot 1910 British Archdeacon
98 Eliot Chapple 1910 American anthropologist
99 Elias Eliot 1976 Danish actor
100 Eliot Lear Computer engineer
101 Edward John Eliot 1782 Cavalry officer
102 Eliot Yorke 1805 British politician
103 Eliot Lietaer 1990 Cyclist
104 Eliot Stellar 1919 American psychologist
105 Philip Eliot 1862 British bishop
106 William Havard Eliot 1796 American architect
107 Eliot Spencer Character from Leverage
108 Eliot Maraux 1996 French basketball player
109 Eliot Gant 1926
110 Eliot Butler Willauer 1912 American architect
111 Eliot Davis 1871 New Zealand politician
112 Eliot Connors 1984
113 Eliot Bromley-Martin 1866 Cricketer
114 Eliot Callis
115 William Eliot 1586 English politician
116 Abigail Adams Eliot 1892 Educator and authority on early childhood education
117 Eliot Druce 1876 English cricketer
118 Eliot Quataert
119 Eliot Blackwelder 1880 American geologist
120 Jeanne Eliot 1861 French painter (1861-1937)
121 Marjorie Eliot
122 Edward Eliot 1864
123 Marc Eliot 1946 American biographer