Origin: German
10 famous people named Elvire found on Wikipedia.
20 female in US.
Most recent ranking: 4640-th in year 1924
Best ranking: 1872-th in year 1902
Used in: French


Elvire is a given name, or forename. Notable people with the given name include:
Elvire de Brissac (born 1939), French novelist and biographer
Elvire Murail (born 1958), French author and screenwriter
Elvire Teza (born 1981), French gymnast

Germanic elements ala (all) and wer (true). Means: truth, fair, white.

Famous People: 10 found on Wikipedia.
Popularity Name Birth Year Description
1 Elvire Audray 1960 French actress
2 Elvire Teza 1981 French gymnast
3 Elvire Jan, pseudonym 1904 French painter
4 Elvire de Brissac 1939 French writer
5 Elvire Duvelle-Charles 1988
6 Elvire De Bruyn 1914 Belgian bicycle racer
7 Elvire De Greef 1897
8 Elvire de Cerny 1818 French writer (1818-1899)
9 Elvire Murail 1958
10 Elvire Maurouard 1971