Origin: Greek
25 famous people named Greet found on Wikipedia.
Used in: Dutch, Limburgish


Greet may refer to:
Greet, Birmingham, West Midlands, England, United Kingdom
Greet (communication), a way for human beings to intentionally communicate awareness of each other's presence
River Greet, a river in Nottinghamshire
People with the given name Greet, a Dutch short form of Margaretha (Margaret):
Greet Coppe (born 1977), Belgian volleyball player
Greet Galliard(born 1926), Dutch swimmer
Greet Grottendieck (born 1943), Dutch sculptor
Greet Hellemans (born 1959), Dutch rower
Greet Hofmans (1894-1968), Dutch faith healer
Greet van Norden (1911–1963), Dutch swimmer
People with the surname Greet:
Ben Greet (1857-1936), Shakespearean actor, director, and impresario
Christopher Greet (21st century), Sri Lankan radio personality
Clare Greet (1871-1939), English film actress
William Greet (1851-1914), British theatre manager

Old English gretan "to come in contact with" in any sense ("attack, accost" as well as "salute, welcome," and "touch, take hold of, handle," as in hearpan gretan "to play the harp"), "seek out, approach," from West Germanic *grotjan (source also of Old Saxon grotian, Old Frisian greta, Dutch groeten, Old High German gruozen, German grüßen "to salute, greet"), of uncertain origin. In English, German, and Dutch, the primary sense has become "to salute," but the word once had much broader meaning. Perhaps originally "to resound" (via notion of "cause to speak"), causative of Proto-Germanic *grætanan, root of Old English grætan (Anglian gretan) "weep, bewail," from PIE *gher- (2) "to call out." Greet still can mean "cry, weep" in Scottish & northern England dialect, though this might be from a different root. Grætan probably also is the source of the second element in regret. Related: Greeted; greeting.

Short form of Margaret, means: pearl.

Famous People: 25 found on Wikipedia.
Popularity Name Birth Year Description
1 Greet Op de Beeck 1971 Belgian journalist and presenter
2 Greet Rouffaer 1958 Belgian actress
3 Greet De Keyser 1963 Belgian journalist
4 Greet Hofmans 1894 Dutch faith healer
5 Clare Greet 1871 Actress
6 Greet Verstraete 1983 Belgian actress
7 Ben Greet 1857 English actor-manager
8 Christopher Greet 1932 Sri Lankan radaio presenter
9 Greet Beukenkamp 1939 Dutch writer
10 William Greet 1851 British theatre manager
11 Greet Hellemans 1959 Dutch rower
12 Greet Grottendieck 1943 Dutch sculptor
13 Greet Versterre 1937 Dutch sportsperson and athletics competitor
14 Greet Samyn 1978 Belgian radio host
15 Greet Meulemeester 1969 Belgian athletics competitor
16 Greet De Roo 1960 Belgian politician
17 Greet van Gool 1962 Belgian politician
18 Greet Van Linter 1956 Belgian politician
19 Greet Hommes 1944 Dutch politician
20 Greet Coppe 1977
21 Andrew Greet 1979 British chess player
22 Greetje Minnen 1997
23 Greet Andringa 1971
24 Greet Buyle 1951 Belgian politician
25 Greet Ermen 1936