Origin: Norse, Turkish
55 famous people named Hakki found on Wikipedia.


Hakkı is a Turkish name, originating from the days of the Ottoman Empire.
Its direct translation is 'truth'. As a result of it being frequently used in the Ottoman Empire as a birth name, it has led to the name being given to children in Turkey and Cyprus.
The name itself was more common during the 17th century when the Turkish Empire was at its peak, but its frequency of use declined gradually in the following years. In the 20th century however, many Turkish parents began to find it a more modern and European name than that of Mehmet and Huseyin and as a result, the name again became popular in Turkey as well as European countries with sizeable Turkish communities, such as the United Kingdom, Germany and France.
People named Hakkı include:
Hakkı Atun, former prime minister of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
Hakkı Hocaoğlu, Turkish footballer
Hakkı Keskin, Turkish-German politician
Hakkı Ketenoğlu (1906-1977), Turkish judge
Hakkı Yeten, (1910–1989), Turkish footballer
Hakkı Yazıcı (1981-) Turkish economist

Danish pet form of Hakon, means: high son. Combine of ha (high, chosen) and konr (son, descendant, kin). Means: truth, accracuy, justice, fairness in Turkish.

Famous People: 55 found on Wikipedia.
Popularity Name Birth Year Description
1 Hakkı Kıvanç 1931 Turkish actor
2 Hakkı Koşar
3 Hakkı Öznur Turkish politician
4 Hakkı Yeten 1910 Turkish footballer
5 Burak Hakkı 1972 Turkish actor
6 Hakkı Behiç Bayiç 1886 Turkish politician
7 Hakkı Suha Okay 2010 Turkish politician
8 Hakkı Tarık Us 1889 Turkish politician
9 Hakkı Öcal 1949 Turkish journalist
10 Hakkı Yılmaz Önen Turkish politician
11 Babanzade İsmail Hakkı
12 Hakkı Keskin 1943 German politician
13 Hakkı Süha Gezgin 1895 Turkish journalist
14 Hakkı Borataş
15 Ruşen Hakkı 1936 Turkish journalist
16 Hakkı Boran Ögelman 1940 Turkish astrophysicist
17 Hakkı Bayrak 1959 Turkish association football player
18 Hakkı Atamulu
19 Hakkı Atun 1935 Prime minister of Northern Cyprus
20 Hakkı Teke
21 Hakkı Anlı 1906
22 Hakkı Başar 1969 Olympic wrestler
23 Hakkı Akoğuz 1903
24 Hakkı Hocaoğlu 1975 Turkish footballer
25 Hakkı Sözen
26 Hakkı Tomaç Turkish association football player
27 Hakkı Akalın 1949 Turkish politician
28 Hakkı Karayiğitoğlu
29 Hakkı Ungan 1880 Turkish politician
30 Hakkı Manav Turkish judge
31 Hakkı Yıldız 1995 Turkish association football player
32 Hakkı Hami Ulukan 1889 Turkish politician
33 Hakkı Duran Turkish politician
34 Hakkı Saffet Tan 1886
35 Hakkı Ünal
36 Hakkı İsmail Paşa
37 Hakkı Kurmel Turkish politician
38 Hakkı Hilalci 1896 Turkish politician
39 Hakkı Tunaboylu 1895
40 Hakkı Ketenoğlu 1906 Turkish judge
41 Hakkı Gökçe Turkish politician
42 Hakkı Devrim 1929 Turkish journalist
43 Hakki Subentekin 1980 Film maker and producer
44 Hakkı Çimen 1957 Writer
45 Haitham Hakki 1948 Film director and producer
46 Hakkı Torunoğlu 1926
47 Hakkı Taner Seben
48 Hakkı Dinç
49 Hakkı Akil 1953 Turkish diplomat
50 Hakki Capkinoglu 1990
51 Hakkı Süha Terzibaşıoğlu
52 Imad Hakki 1957
53 Hakkı Bulut 1945
54 Hakkı Şimşek 1989
55 Hakkı Gürel