Origin: Hebrew
5384 famous people named Jack found on Wikipedia.
693886 male, 2654 female in US.
Most recent ranking: 28-th in year 2018
Best ranking: 14-th in year 1930
Used in: English


A male given name, form of Jacob or John.

Jack is a male given name, although in some cases it can be used as a female given name (a shortened versioned of "Jacqueline" or "Jackie", for example), and sometimes as a surname. In English Jack is traditionally used as the diminutive form of John; it can be used also as diminutive for Jacob and sometimes for James due to his french form Jacques. Jack is now also a proper name in its own right.
The name Jack is unusual in the English language for its frequency of use as a verb and a noun for many common objects and actions, and its use in many compound words and phrases, e.g.: apple jack, hijack, jack of clubs (playing card), jack straw (scarecrow), jack tar (sailor), jack-in-the-box, jack-of-all-trades, jack o'lantern, jackdaw, jackhammer, jackknife, jackpot, lumberjack, union jack, etc. The Encyclopædia Britannica article on the history of the word "jack" linked it directly to the common name: "Jack, a word with a great variety of meanings and applications, all traceable to the common use of the word as a by-name of a man."

Masc. proper name, attested by 1218, probably via Anglo-French Jake, Jaikes, from Old French Jacques (which was a diminutive of Latin Jacobus; see Jacob), but in English the name always has been regarded as a familiar form of John, and some have argued that it is a native formation. In Middle English spelled Jakke, Jacke, etc., and pronounced as two syllables ("Jackie"). In England, Jack became a generic name applied familiarly or contemptuously to anybody (especially a young man of the lower classes) from late 14c. Later used especially of sailors (1650s; Jack-tar is from 1781); Jack-ashore (adj.) "drinking and in high spirits, recklessly spending" (1875) also is an image from sailors (1840 as a book title). In U.S., as a generic name addressed to an unknown stranger, attested from 1889. Every man Jack "everyone" is from 1812. Also see jack (n.). Used in male personifications from 15c.; first record of jack-of-all-trades "person handy at any kind of work or business" is from 1610s; Jack Frost is from 1826; Jack-nasty "a sneak or sloven" is from 1833 (Jack-nasty-face, a sea-term for a common sailor, is from 1788). Jack Sprat for a small, light man is from 1560s (his opposite was Jack Weight). Jack-pudding "comical clown, buffoon" is from 1640s. Jack-Spaniard is from 1703 as a Spaniard, 1833 as "a hornet" in the West Indies. Other personifications listed in Farmer & Henley include jack-snip "a botching tailor," Jack-in-office "overbearing petty official" (1680s), Jack-on-both-sides "a neutral," Jack-out-of-doors "a vagrant" (1630s), jack-sauce "impudent fellow" (1590s). The U.S. plant jack-in-the-pulpit (Indian turnip) is attested by 1833. Jack the Ripper was active in London 1888. The Scottish form is Jock (compare jockey (n.)). Alliterative coupling of Jack and Jill is from 15c. (Iakke and Gylle, Ienken and Iulyan). Jack Ketch for "hangman, executioner" (1670s) is said to be from the name of a public executioner in the time of James II (compare Derrick); it also was used as a verb meaning "to hang."

Diminutive of the Biblical name John, shortened form of Jackin, means: little John, God is gracious, supplanter, held by the heel.

Famous People: 5384 found on Wikipedia.
Popularity Name Birth Year Description
1 Jack the Ripper Unidentified serial killer
2 Jack Nicholson 1937 American actor, film director, producer, and writer
3 Jack Black 1969 American actor, comedian, musician, music producer
4 Jack Ruby 1911 Dallas, Texas, nightclub operator who killed American presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald
5 Jack Ma 1964 Chinese businessman
6 Jack White 1975 American musician and record producer
7 Jack Whitehall 1988 British comedian, television presenter and actor
8 Jack Lemmon 1925 American actor
9 Jack O'Connell 1990 British actor
10 Jack Kerouac 1922 American writer
11 Jack Gleeson 1992 Irish actor
12 Jack Falahee 1989 American actor
13 Jack Huston 1982 British actor
14 Captain Jack Sparrow Fictional character and the protagonist of the Pirates of the Caribbean film series
15 Jack Nicklaus 1940 American golfer, born 1940
16 Jack London 1876 American author, journalist, and social activist
17 Jack Antonoff 1984 American musician
18 Jack Kevorkian 1928 American pathologist, euthanasia activist
19 Jack Kirby 1917 American comic book artist, writer and editor
20 Jack Dorsey 1976 Internet computer software executive, CEO of Twitter
21 Jack Churchill 1906 British soldier who fought throughout World War II armed with a longbow, arrows, and a Scottish broadsword
22 Jack Wilshere 1992 English footballer
23 Jack McBrayer 1973 American actor
24 Jack Palance 1919 American actor and singer
25 Calico Jack 1682 English pirate
26 Jack Quaid 1992 Actor
27 Jack Klugman 1922 American actor
28 Jack Dempsey 1895 American boxer
29 Jack Cassidy 1927 Actor, director
30 Jack Davenport 1973 English actor
31 Jack Del Rio 1963 All-American college football player, professional football player, linebacker, coach
32 Jack Kemp 1935 American football player, quarterback, U.S. Congressman
33 Jack Swagger 1982 American professional wrestler
34 Jack Benny 1894 Comedian, vaudeville performer, and radio, television, and film actor
35 Jack Reynor 1992 Irish-American actor
36 Jack McVitie 1932 English criminal
37 Jack Wagner 1959 American actor and singer
38 Jack Osbourne 1985 Son of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne
39 Jack Welch 1935 American executive: General Electric CEO
40 Jack Lew 1955 76th United States Secretary of the Treasury
41 Jack Lord 1920 American actor
42 Jack Bruce 1943 Scottish musician
43 Jack LaLanne 1914 American author, fitness trainer and businessman
44 Captain Jack Harkness Fictional character of Doctor Who and Torchwood
45 Wolfman Jack 1938 American disc jockey and music television host
46 Jack Albertson 1907 American character actor
47 Jack Wild 1952 British actor
48 Jack Sock 1992 American tennis player
49 Jack Bauer 1966 Character from the television series 24
50 Jack Butland 1993 English footballer
51 Jack Haley 1898 American stage, radio and film actor
52 Jack Lawless 1987 American musician
53 Jack Elam 1920 American film actor
54 Jack Warden 1920 Actor
55 Jack Hemingway 1923 Canadian-American fly fisherman, conservationist and writer
56 Jack Swigert 1931 NASA Astronaut, Pilot
57 Jack Savoretti 1983 British musician
58 Jack Werner 1989 Swedish journalist
59 John Whiteside Parsons 1914 American rocket engineer
60 Jack Skellington
61 Jack Irons 1962 Musician, songwriter
62 Jack Hodgins Fictional human
63 John Schlossberg 1993 Grandson of JFK
64 Jack Nance 1943 American actor
65 Jack Lowden 1990 Scottish actor
66 Spring-heeled Jack English folklore character
67 New Jack 1963 Professional wrestler
68 Jack Gallagher 1990 British wrestler
69 Badou Jack 1983 Gambian boxer
70 Jack Webb 1920 American actor, producer, director, author
71 Jack Griffo 1996 American actor
72 Jack Grealish 1995 Footballer
73 Jack Coleman 1958 American actor and screenwriter
74 Jack Charlton 1935 English footballer and manager
75 Jack Jones 1938 American singer and actor
76 Jack Hawkins 1910 An English actor who worked on stage and in film from the 1930s until the 1970s
77 Jack Hanna 1947 American zoologist
78 Jack Monroe British writer, journalist and political campaigner
79 Jack Abramoff 1959 US Republican lobbyist
80 Jack McCall 1850 Murderer of Wild Bill Hickok
81 Jack Kilmer 1995 American actor
82 Jack Eichel 1996 American ice hockey player
83 Jack Soo 1917 American actor
84 Jack Garratt 1991 British singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer
85 Jack Lengyel 1935 American football coach, lacrosse coach, college athletics administrator, software executive
86 Jack Van Impe 1931 American televangelst, bible scholar, prophet, host of Jack Van Impe Presents TV show
87 Jack Unterweger 1950 Austrian serial killer
88 Jack Daniel 1850 American distiller and founder of Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey distillery.
89 Jack Larson 1928 American actor and writer
90 Jack Buck 1924 American sportscaster
91 Myles Jack 1995 American football player
92 Jack Layton 1950 Leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada
93 Jack Lambert 1952 American football player
94 Jack Schwartzman 1932 American film producer
95 Jack Paar 1918 Television host
96 Jack Carson 1910 Canadian-born American-based film actor
97 Jack Riley 1935 American actor
98 Jarrett Jack 1983 American professional basketball player
99 Jack Dunphy 1914 American writer
100 Jack Rodwell 1991 English footballer
101 Jack Dee 1961 British comedian
102 Jack Straw 1946 British politician
103 Jack McCoy Character in the TV series Law & Order
104 Jack Branning
105 Jack Ryder 1981 British actor
106 Jack Harrison 1996
107 Jack Farthing 1985 English actor
108 Jack Thompson 1940 Actor
109 Jack Fisk 1945 Film director, art director
110 Jack Andraka 1997 Inventor, scientist and cancer researcher
111 Jack Noseworthy 1969 American actor
112 Jack Torrance
113 Jack Dodson 1931 American actor
114 Jack Donaghy
115 Jack Whittaker 1947 American lottery winner
116 Jack Weston 1924 American film, stage, and television actor
117 Jack Scanlon 1998 Child actor
118 Jack Kelly 1927 Actor, politician
119 Jack Tatum 1948 All-American college football player, professional football player, defensive back, safety, College Football Hall of Fame member
120 Jack P. Shepherd 1988 Soap opera actor
121 Jack Douglass 1988 Internet personality
122 Jack Shephard 1969 Character from the American mystery fiction television series Lost
123 Jack Nitzsche 1937 American musician
124 Jack Casady 1944 American rock musician
125 Jack Carter 1922 Comedian and actor
126 Jack Gilpin 1951 American actor
127 Jack Morris 1955 Baseball player
128 Jack Youngblood 1950 American football player, defensive end, Pro Football Hall of Fame, College Football Hall of Fame
129 Jack O'Halloran 1943 American boxer, actor
130 Jack Laugher 1995 British diver
131 Jack Keane 1943 United States general
132 Jack Brabham 1926 Australian Formula One champion
133 Jack Kilby 1923 American electrical engineer
134 Jack Ryan 1926 American designer
135 Jack Colback 1989 English footballer
136 Jack Canfield 1944 American writer
137 Jack Collison 1988 English footballer
138 Jack Twist
139 Jack Vettriano 1951 Scottish painter
140 Jack Sikma 1955 American basketball player-coach
141 Jack Valenti 1921 President of the MPAA
142 Jack Harbaugh 1939 American football player and coach
143 Jack Napier 1976 American pornographic actor
144 Jack McManus 1984 British musician
145 Union Jack
146 Jack Burns 1933 American actor
147 Jack Higgins 1929 British novelist
148 Jack Kingston 1955 American politician
149 Jack Vance 1916 American mystery and speculative fiction writer
150 Jack Herer 1939 American Cannabis/Hemp and freedom activist
151 Jack Abbott
152 Jack Cork 1989 Footballer
153 Jack Phillips 1887 British sailor
154 Jack Evans 1982 American professional wrestler
155 Jack Gilford 1907 American actor, comedian
156 Jack Dawson 1889 Character from James Cameron's Titanic
157 Jack Hobbs 1882 English cricket player
158 Jack Carroll 1998 British comedian
159 Jack Donnelly 1985 British actor
160 Jack Horner 1946 American paleontologist
161 Jack Brisco 1941 Professional wrestler and amateur wrestler
162 Jack Taylor 1990 American college basketball player
163 Jack Reagan 1883 Father of Ronald Reagan
164 Jack Nowell 1993 British rugby union player
165 Jack O'Neill 1923 American businessman
166 Jack DeSena 1987 American actor
167 Jack Blades 1954 American musician
168 Jack Shepherd 1940 British actor
169 Jack Deam 1972 British actor
170 Jack Stephens 1994 English footballer
171 Jack Flag
172 Jack Fox 1985 British actor
173 Jack MacGowran 1918 Actor
174 Jack Kent Cooke 1912 Entrepreneur, sports team owner
175 Jack Douglas 1927 British actor
176 Jack Scalia 1950 Actor
177 Jack Parow 1982 Rapper
178 Jack Thayer 1894 Survivor of the RMS Titanic
179 Jack Dishel American musician
180 Jack Ham 1948 American football player
181 Jack Conklin 1994
182 Jack Warner 1943 Trinidad and Tobago politician, businessman, and former FIFA executive
183 Jack T. Chick 1924 Christian comics writer
184 Jack Starrett 1936 American actor
185 Jack Dragna 1891 American mobster
186 Jack Sheppard 1702 18th century criminal
187 Jack Kruschen 1922 Canadian actor
188 Jack Ward 1600 English pirate
189 Jack Handey 1949 American comedian
190 Jack O'Callahan 1957 American ice hockey player
191 Jack Bannon 1940 American actor
192 Jack Cohen 1898 British businessman
193 Jack Character in Tekken
194 Jack Conley 1958 American actor
195 Jack Pickford 1896 Actor
196 Jack Conway 1969 Attorney General of Kentucky
197 Jack Donovan 1908 Australian rules footballer
198 Jack Tunney 1935 Canadian sports businessman
199 Jack Crawford 1988 American football player
200 Jack Barmby 1994 Footballer