Origin: Arabic, Persian
9 famous people named Jazmin found on Wikipedia.
41289 female, 227 male in US.
Most recent ranking: 606-th in year 2018
Best ranking: 155-th in year 2006
Used in: English


Jasmine is a feminine given name. It refers to the scented flowering plant, jasmine. It is originated from Persian یاسمین or یاسمن, which means the Yas flower. The name has been popular in a number of countries in recent years. In the United States, it first entered the top 1,000 list of most popular names in 1973. It has remained among the top 100 names given to American girls since 1986, and was ranked at No. 43 in 2008. Variant Yasemin was the most popular name given to baby girls born in Turkey in 2008–2009. Variant Yasmin was ranked among the top 10 names given to Brazilian girls in 2009 and is also very popular in Israel, and variant Jazmín (pronounced Hasmin) was among the top 5 names given to girls in Córdoba, Argentina
in 2009. Variant Jázmin is in among the top 10 names given to girls born in Hungary. Variant Yasmine is popular in Brussels, Belgium.

Form of of Jasmine: a climbing plant with fragrant flowers which is used for making perfumes. Gift from God.

Famous People: 9 found on Wikipedia.
Popularity Name Birth Year Description
1 Jazmin Grace Grimaldi 1992 Illegitimate child of Albert II, Prince of Monaco
2 Jazmin Carlin 1990 British swimmer
3 Jazmin Sawyers 1994 British long jumper
4 Jazmin 1985 Bangladeshi pornographic actor
5 Jazmin Whitley 1988 American fashion designer
6 Jazmin Duran 1994
7 Jazmin Hernández 1989 Mexican volleyball player
8 Jazmin Hiaya
9 Hugo Jazmin 1980 Argentinian association football player