Origin: Hebrew
52 famous people named Jeannie found on Wikipedia.
35959 female, 55 male in US.
Most recent ranking: 6095-th in year 2018
Best ranking: 222-th in year 1957
Used in: English


A female given name, form of Jean.

Jeannie is a feminine name and a petform of Jeanne, a variant form of Jechonan (יוחנן). It is ultimately originated from the Hebrew masculine name (יְהוֹחָנָן) Jehohanan or (יוֹחָנָן) Yohanan meaning 'Jehovah is gracious' or 'The Lord gives mercy'. Jeannie may be a nickname of Jeannette. Jeannie means god is gracious. It is considered a great and lucky name to name a baby girl in several cultures. It is the feminine version of John or Jimmy. The name Jeannie is famous in the tv show "I Dream Of Jeannie"
Women with the given name include:
Jeannie Baker (born 1950), English author and illustrator of children's picture books
Jeannie Berlin (born 1949), American actress and screenwriter
Jeannie Blaylock, American television journalist and news anchor
Jeannie Carson (born 1928), English-born retired comedian and actress
Jeannie Darneille (born 1949), American politician
Jeannie Drake, Baroness Drake (born 1948), British trade unionist
Jeannie Epper (born 1941), American stuntperson and actress
Jeannie Gunn (1870-1961), Australian novelist and teacher
Jeannie Haddaway (born 1977), American politician
Jeannie Leavitt (born c. 1967), United States Air Force officer, first female Air Force fighter pilot, and first woman to command an Air Force combat fighter wing
Jeannie Cho Lee, Hong Kong-based, Korean-American wine critic, author, journalist, consultant, wine educator and Master of Wine
Jeannie Longo (born 1958), French racing cyclist
Jeannie Mai (born 1979), American fashion expert and television personality
Jeannie Marie-Jewell (born 1961), Canadian politician
Jeannie McDaniel, American politician elected to the Oklahoma House of Representatives in 2004
Jeannie Ortega (born 1986), American Christian singer, songwriter, dancer and actress
Jeannie Pepper (born 1958), American pornographic actress
Jeannie C. Riley (born 1945), American country music and gospel singer
Jeannie Robertson (1908-1975), Scottish folk singer
Jeannie Seely (born 1940), American country music singer
Jeannie Suk (born 1973), Harvard Law School professor
Jeannie Ugyuk, Canadian politician elected to the Legislative Assembly of Nunavut in 2010

Form of Jean: God is gracious.

Famous People: 52 found on Wikipedia.
Popularity Name Birth Year Description
1 Jeannie Mai 1980 American actress
2 Jeannie Gaffigan 1970 American actress, producer, and comedy writer
3 Jeannie Berlin 1949 Actress
4 Jeannie Pepper 1958 American pornographic actor
5 Jeannie C. Riley 1945 American singer
6 Jeannie Seely 1940 American singer
7 Jeannie Linero 1945 American actress
8 Jeannie Elias 1954 Canadian actress
9 Jeannie Chan 1989 Chinese actor-model
10 Jeannie Russell 1950 American actress
11 Jeannie Hsieh 1974 Taiwanese singer
12 Jeannie Suk 1973 American lawyer
13 Jeannie Longo 1958 French racing cyclist
14 Jeannie Leavitt 1967 USAF Officer
15 Jeannie Ortega 1986 American musician
16 Jeannie Carson 1928 English-born comedienne and actress
17 Jeannie Epper 1941 American stunt woman
18 Jeannie Mills 1939 American cult defector
19 Jeannie Baker 1950 Australian writer
20 Jeannie Cho Lee South Korean wine critic
21 Jeannie Blaylock American journalist
22 Jeannie Gunn 1870 Australian novelist, teacher and Returned and Services League of Australia volunteer
23 Jeannie Wilson 1947 American actress
24 Jeannie Robertson 1908 Scottish folk singer
25 Jeannie Fisher 1947 Scottish actress
26 Jeannie Lewis 1945 Australian singer
27 Jeannie Rousseau 1919 French spy
28 Jeannie Lee Canadian journalist
29 Jeannie Ritter 1958 First Lady of Colorado
30 Jeannie Ferris 1941 Australian politician
31 Jeannie Haddaway 1977 American politician
32 Jeannie Darneille 1949 American politician
33 Jeannie Drake, Baroness Drake 1948 British trade unionist and life peer
34 Harriet Fisher Mole 1841 English socialist and women's trade union organizer
35 Jeannie McDaniel American politician
36 Jeannie Hopkirk
37 Jeannie Baliles First Lady of Virginia
38 Jeannie Ugyuk Canadian politician
39 Jeannie Dumesnil 1926 French painter
40 Jeannie Marie-Jewell 1961 Canadian politician
41 Jeannie Bell Australian linguist
42 Jeannie Hilton 1983 Canadian writer
43 Jeannie Deakyne American beauty pageant contestant
44 Jeannie Thib 1955 Canadian artist
45 Jeannie Ebner 1918 Austrian writer and translator
46 Jeannie Mah 1952
47 Jeannie Lea 1950 Canadian politician
48 Jeannie Wall 1969 US-American ski mountaineer
49 Jeannie Peterson 1940 Journalist
50 Jeannie Cheatham 1937
51 Jeannie Reeser
52 Jeannie T. Lee