Origin: Hebrew
3 famous people named Jedidiah found on Wikipedia.
7132 male, 34 female in US.
Most recent ranking: 704-th in year 2018
Best ranking: 626-th in year 1979
Used in: Biblical


Jedediah (Hebrew: יְדִידְיָה‎) or Jedidiah is a Hebrew male given name, which is derived from the name Yedidyah, meaning "friend of God". In the Hebrew Bible, Jedidiah was the "blessing" name given by God, through the prophet Nathan, in infancy to Solomon, King David's second son by Bathsheba.

Beloved of the Lord, friend of the Lord, beloved of Jehovah.

Famous People: 3 found on Wikipedia.
Popularity Name Birth Year Description
1 Jedidiah Morse 1761 United States geographer and clergyman
2 Jedidiah Preble 1707
3 Jedidiah Norzi 1560 Italian rabbi