Origin: Hebrew
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A male given name: a surname, ultimately derived from clerk. A male given name, form of Joseph.

Joe is a masculine given name, usually a short form (hypocorism) of Joseph.
Joseph is a masculine given name originating from Hebrew, recorded in the Hebrew Bible, as יוֹסֵף‎, Standard Hebrew Yossef, Tiberian Hebrew and Aramaic Yôsēp̄. The name can be translated from Hebrew יוסף יהוה‎ yosef YHWH as signifying "Yahweh/Jehovah shall increase/add".
The name appears in the book of Genesis: Joseph is Jacob's eleventh son and Rachel's first son, and known in the Jewish Bible as Yossef ben-Yaakov.
In the New Testament there are two others named Joseph: 1) Joseph, the husband of Mary, the mother of Jesus; and, 2) Joseph of Arimathea, a secret disciple of Jesus who supplied the tomb in which Jesus was buried.
The form "Joseph" is used mostly in English, French and German-speaking countries. In Persian the name is called "yousef" or "یوسف" . In Arabic, including in the Qur'an, the name is spelled يوسف or Yūsuf. The name has enjoyed significant popularity in its many forms in numerous countries, and Joseph was one of the two names, along with Robert, to have remained in the top 10 boys' names list in the US from 1925 to 1972. It is especially common in contemporary Israel, as either "Yossi" or "Yossef", and in Italy, where the name "Giuseppe" was the most common male name in the 20th century.
It may refer to:
Joe Amato
Joe Becker
Joe Biden (born 1942), Vice President of the United States and former senator
Joe Borowski (baseball) (born 1971), American sports broadcaster and former Major League Baseball pitcher
Joe Borowski (politician) (1933–1996), Canadian politician
Joe Brown
Joe Coleman
Joe Connor
Joe Costello (politician) (born 1945), Irish Labour Party politician
Joe Courtney (basketball) (born 1969), American former basketball player
Joe Courtney (politician) (born 1953), American politician
Joe DeRita, American and actor born Joseph Wardell (1909-1993), the second Curly of the Three Stooges
Joe Egan (musician) (born 1946), Scottish musician
Joe Egan (Paralympian) (born 1953), Australian Paralympian
Joe Egan (rugby league) (1919–2012), English rugby league footballer and coach
Joe Esposito
Joe Gomez (born 1997), English footballer
Joe Harris
Joe Hisaishi Japanese composer and musical director
Joe Ingles (born 1987), Australian basketball player
Joe Johnson
Joe Jones
Joe Kelly
Joe Louis
Joe Lydon (boxer) (1878–1937), American Olympic welterweight boxer and soccer player
Joe Lydon (rugby) (born 1963), English rugby league footballer and rugby union coach
Joe Lynch (actor) (1925–2001), Irish film actor
Joe Lynch (boxer) (1898–1965), American world bantamweight champion
Joe Lynch (director), American film and music video director
Joe Martin
Joe McElderry (born 1991), British singer.
Joe O'Donnell
Joe Pasternack, head basketball coach at UC Santa Barbara
Joe Perry (American football) (1927–2011), American National Football League and All-America Football Conference player
Joe Perry (musician) (born 1950), stag name of American musician Anthony Joseph Pereira, lead guitarist of Aerosmith
Joe Perry (snooker player) (born 1974), English snooker player
Joe Quinn
Joe Riley
Joe Sakic (born 1969), Canadian former National Hockey League player, member of the Hockey Hall of Fame
Joe Santagato
Joe Sayers (cricketer) (born 1983), English cricketer
Joe Thomas
Joe Williams
Joe the Plumber, American conservative activist and commentator Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher (born 1973), gained national attention during the 2008 U.S. presidential election
Joe Bruin, the official mascot of the University of California, Los Angeles
Joe Bush (ghost), American ghost
Joe Lynch (Home and Away), fictional character on the Australian soap opera Home and Away
Joe Shmoe, a fictional name like John Doe

"coffee," by 1941, perhaps late 1930s, of unknown origin. The guess that it is from the name of U.S. coffee merchant Joseph Martinson (c. 1880-1949) is not chronologically impossible, but it wants evidence and seems to have originated in the company's advertisements (1972). Earlier in American English (1772) it was the colloquial name of a Portuguese or Brazilian coin worth about $8, shortened from Johannes in this sense (1758), the Modern Latin form of Portuguese João (see John), name of a king of Portugal whose head and Latin inscription appeared on the coin.

From yosef: he will enlarge, he will add.

Famous People: 4486 found on Wikipedia.
Popularity Name Birth Year Description
1 Joe Biden 1942 47th Vice President of the United States
2 Joe Manganiello 1976 American actor, director, producer, and author
3 Joe Jonas 1989 American singer and actor
4 Joe Rogan 1967 American martial artist and comedian
5 Joe Pesci 1943 American actor, comedian and musician
6 Joe Montana 1956 American football player, quarterback
7 Joe Frazier 1944 American boxer
8 Joe DiMaggio 1914 American Major League Baseball center fielder
9 Samoa Joe 1979 American professional wrestler
10 Joe Scarborough 1963 American cable news and talk radio host, lawyer, author, and former politician
11 Joe Cocker 1944 English rock and blues singer
12 Joe Hart 1987 English footballer
13 Joe Louis 1914 American boxer
14 Joe Namath 1943 American football player
15 Fat Joe 1970 American rapper
16 Joe Maddon 1954 American baseball player, coach and manager
17 Joe Buck 1969 American sportscaster
18 Joe Mantegna 1947 American actor, producer, writer, and director
19 Joe Bonamassa 1977 American blues rock guitarist and singer
20 Joe Medicine Crow 1913 American historian
21 Joe Strummer 1952 British musician, singer, actor and songwriter
22 Joe Arpaio 1932 Maricopa County Sheriff
23 Joe Lieberman 1942 Politician from the United States
24 Joe Satriani 1956 American guitar player
25 Joe Root 1990 English cricketer
26 Joe Budden 1980 American hip hop recording artist
27 Joe Calzaghe 1972 Welsh boxer
28 Joe Pantoliano 1951 American actor
29 Joe Sugg 1991 British vlogger
30 Joe Flacco 1985 American football quarterback
31 Joe Paterno 1926 American college football coach
32 Joe Johnson 1981 American basketball player
33 Joe Theismann 1949 American football quarterback
34 Joe Gilgun 1984 British actor
35 Joe Kenda 1946
36 Joe Lo Truglio 1970 Actor, comedian, television producer/writer
37 Joe Bastianich 1968 American restaurateur, vineyard owner, and celebrity chef
38 Joe Chill Fictional character in the DC Comics Batman series
39 Joe McKnight 1988 American football player
40 Joe Morton 1947 American actor
41 Joe Jackson 1954 English musician and singer-songwriter
42 Joe Lauzon 1984 American martial artist
43 Joe King 1980 Musician
44 Joe Clark 1939 16th Prime Minister of Canada
45 Joe Thornton 1979 Ice hockey player
46 Joe Son 1970 American professional wrestler
47 Joe Dempsie 1987 Actor
48 Joe Gomez 1997 English footballer
49 Joe Torre 1940 American baseball player, coach, manager
50 Joe Wright 1972 British film director
51 Joe Anderson 1982 British actor
52 Joseph Hahn 1977 American musician
53 Joe Cole 1988 English actor
54 Joe Manchin 1947 US Senator from West Virginia
55 Joe Lacob 1956 American businessman
56 Joe Don Baker 1936 American actor
57 Joe Bryant 1954 American basketball head coach and retired player
58 Joe Greene 1946 American football player and coach
59 Joe 1973 American R&B singer-songwriter and record producer
60 Joe Swash 1982 British actor, television personality
61 Joe Piscopo 1951 American actor
62 Joe Ranft 1960 American writer, animator and voice actor
63 Joe Chen 1979 Taiwanese actress-singer
64 Joe Francis 1973 American film producer
65 Joe Girardi 1964 Baseball player and manager from the United States
66 Joe Elliott 1959 British singer
67 Joe Mixon 1996
68 Joe Arridy 1915 Mentally disabled American man executed for rape/murder and posthumously granted a pardon
69 Joe Lycett 1988 Stand-up comic
70 Joe Lando 1961 American actor
71 Joe Mauer 1983 Baseball player from the United States
72 Joe Masseria 1886 Italian-born American gangster
73 Joe Keery 1992 Actor and musician
74 Joe Walsh 1961 American politician
75 Joe Trohman 1984 American musician
76 Joe Besser 1907 American actor
77 Joe Alwyn 1991 British actor
78 Joe Dumars 1963 American basketball player
79 Joe McElderry 1991 Singer, television personality
80 Joe Schilling 1984 Kickboxer
81 Joe Alaskey 1952 American stand-up comedian
82 Joe Gallo 1929 American mobster of Italian descent
83 Joe Hisaishi 1950 Japanese composer and musician
84 Joe Ledley 1987 Welsh association footballer
85 Joe Hill 1879 Swedish-American labor activist, songwriter, and member of the Industrial Workers of the World
86 Joe Ingles 1987 Australian basketball player
87 Joe Wilkinson 1975 Actor
88 Joe Gibbs 1940 American football coach
89 Joe Spano 1946 American actor
90 Joe Sakic 1969 Ice Hockey Player
91 Joe Haden 1968 American football player, defensive back, cornerback
92 Joe Penny 1956 Actor
93 Joe Taslim 1981 Indonesian model and actor
94 Joe DeRita 1909 Actor, comedian
95 Joe Abercrombie 1974 British fantasy writer and film editor
96 Joe Dante 1946 Film director
97 Joe Thomas 1984 American football player, offensive lineman
98 Joe Flaherty 1941 Actor
99 Joe Lynn Turner 1951 American singer
100 Joe Swanberg 1981 American film director
101 Joe Weider 1920 Businessman from Canada
102 Joe Shuster 1914 Co-creator the DC Comics character Superman
103 Joe C. 1974 American musician
104 Joe Carter 1960 American baseball player
105 Joe Dassin 1938 French-American musician
106 Joe Johnston 1950 American film director and effects artist
107 Joe the Plumber 1973 American conservative activist and commentator
108 Joe Toye 1919 United States Army soldier during World War II
109 Joe Dinicol 1983 Canadian actor
110 Joe Philbin 1961 American football coach
111 Joe Pavelski 1984 American ice hockey player
112 Joe Morgan 1943 Major League Baseball second baseman
113 Joe Bugner 1950 British boxer Australian boxer
114 Joe Dallesandro 1948 American actor, model
115 Joe Louis Clark 1938 American educator
116 Joe Meek 1929 English record producer
117 Joe Stevenson 1982 American martial artist
118 Joe Brown 1941 Singer
119 Joe Roth 1948 American businessman
120 Joe Gebbia 1981 American businessman
121 Joe Smith, Jr. 1989
122 Joe Garner 1988 Football (soccer) player
123 Joe West 1952 Baseball umpire from the United States
124 Joe Santos 1931 American actor
125 Joe Spinell 1936 American actor
126 Joe Absolom 1978 Actor
127 Joe Sumner 1976 Singer and bass player
128 Joe Orton 1933 English playwright and author
129 Joe Donnelly 1955 American politician
130 Joe Simpson 1960 British mountaineer
131 Joe Flanigan 1967 American actor and writer
132 Joe E. Brown 1891 American actor
133 Joe Webb 1986 American football quarterback
134 Joe Armstrong 1978 British actor
135 Joe Dodoo 1995
136 Joe Riggs 1982 American martial artist
137 Joe Hamilton 1929 Television producer
138 Joe Zawinul 1932 Austrian composer and pianist
139 Joe Estevez 1946 Actor, director, producer
140 Joe Cornish 1968 English comedian, television and radio presenter, director, writer and actor
141 Joe Carnahan 1969 American actor, director and producer
142 Joe Soto 1987 American martial artist
143 Joe Harris 1991 American professional basketball player
144 Joe Nichols 1976 American country music artist
145 Joe Pasquale 1961 Comedian
146 Joe Pass 1929 American musician
147 Joe Cheng 1982 Taiwanese actor, singer and model
148 Joe Heck 1961 U.S. Representative
149 Joe Pichler 1987 American actor
150 Joe E. Ross 1914 American comic actor
151 Joseph Joyce 1985 English amateur boxer
152 Joe Adler 1993 American actor
153 Joe Reaiche 1958
154 Joe Lewis 1944 Kickboxer
155 Joe Panik 1990 Baseball player from the United States
156 Joe Delaney 1958 Player of American football
157 Joe Simon 1913 American comic book writer, artist, editor, and publisher
158 Joe Turkel 1927 American actor
159 Joe Ricketts 1941 American businessman
160 Proposition Joe Character from The Wire
161 Joe Hockey 1965 Australian politician
162 Joe Smith 1984 Major League Baseball player
163 Joe Minoso 1978 American actor
164 Joe Nathan 1974 Major League Baseball pitcher in the Detroit Tigers organization
165 Joe Allen 1990 Welsh footballer
166 Joe McGann 1958 British actor
167 Joe Torry 1965 American actor
168 Joe Quesada 1962 Artist
169 Joe Eszterhas 1944 Hungarian-American screenwriter
170 Joe R. Lansdale 1951 American novelist, short story writer, martial arts instructor
171 Joe Mimran 1952 Canadian fashion designer
172 Joe Viterelli 1937 American actor
173 Joe Diffie 1958 American country singer
174 Joe Blanton 1980 American baseball player
175 Joe Duttine 1970 British actor
176 Moondyne Joe 1827 Convict, bushranger
177 Joe Barton 1949 United States congressional representative from Texas
178 Joe "Pegleg" Morgan 1929 American mob boss
179 Joe Davis 1901 English snooker player
180 Joe Don Rooney 1975 American guitarist
181 Joe Adonis 1902 Mobster
182 Josef Schmidt 1965 New Zealand rugby union player and coach
183 Joe Kapp 1938 American football player
184 Joe Sestak 1951 Former United States Representative
185 Joe South 1940 US singer, songwriter and guitarist
186 Joe Slovo 1926 South African politician
187 Joe Sample 1939 American pianist
188 Joe Tex 1935 American singer-songwriter
189 Joe Warren 1976 American sport wrestler and martial artist
190 Joe D'Amato 1936 Italian film director
191 Joe Perry 1974 British snooker player
192 Joe Launchbury 1991 English rugby union player
193 Joe Marler 1990 English rugby union player
194 Joe Friday
195 Joe Ball 1892 American serial killer
196 Joe Mafela 1942 South African actor, film director and singer
197 Joe Zee 1968 American stylist
198 Joseph P. Kennedy III 1980 American attorney and politician
199 Joe Dolan 1939 Irish singer
200 Joe Mantello 1962 American actor and director