Origin: Arabic
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Khairunnisa (Arabic: خير النساء‎‎) is an Arabic female given name. The name is transliterated as Hayrünnisa in Turkey. Khair means peace and "nisa" or "nissa" means lady, so the complete name means "Lady Of Peace" or other translations show that the names means 'The Best Of Women' . The fourth (4th) surah aka chapter in "The Quran" (Muslim Holy Book) is also names "Al-Nissa" meaning "THE WOMEN", chapter dedicated to women and their rights per Islam. There are several names with the suffix "Nissa" like Mehrun-nissa,Zebun-nisa, the name "Nissa" can be used independently and written as "Nissa", "Nisa", "Nysa", "Neesa" and "Nessa". It is also a unique name and can also sometimes be spelt as Kherunnisa or khair-un-nisa.

Best of women. Combine of khair (good) and nisa (woman).

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1 Elvira Khairunnisa