Origin: Gaelic, Greek
82 famous people named Kira found on Wikipedia.
35331 female, 27 male in US.
Most recent ranking: 378-th in year 2018
Best ranking: 241-th in year 2005
Used in: English, Russian


Kira is a usually feminine given name of ancient origin and multiple etymological derivations.
The feminine form is pronounced KEER-ə. It might be a feminine form of the name Kiran, pronounced KEER-ən. Kiran is of Hindi and Sanskrit origin, meaning "beam of light". Besides Sanskrit, there might be other etymologies from Egyptian, where the word Ki-Ra means "like Ra", or Persian. Due to the Greek interpretation of the Persian king's name Kourosh (کوروش, Kūrosh) as Κύρος (Kýros) – which was obviously modeled after the Greek word κύριος (kýrios "lord"), the feminine form being κυρία (kyría) – Kyra (or Kira) can also be understood as a variant of this originally Persian name of uncertain signification. Therefore, it is also in use as a feminine form of the Greek diminutive form Cyril. Cyrus was the name of several kings of Persia, including Cyrus the Great, who was famous for his vast expansion of the Persian Empire, conquering Babylon; he is known to many today from the Bible, for freeing the captive Jews (among others) and allowing them to return to their homeland.
In Russian Kira (Ки́ра) is the feminine form of the masculine name Kir, meaning "mistress, ruler", but can translate to "leader of the people", "one the people look to" or "beloved". Kira could also have arrived into Russian from the Persian-Greek name Kyra. Kira can also be the diminutive of the old and rare masculine given name Avvakir.
Kira is one of several Anglicized forms of the Irish name Ciara, which in Irish means "dark haired" .
There is also a Japanese name, romanized as Kira, which is common in Japan, as both given name and family name. Kira kira also means "glittery, shiny" in Japanese.
Variant forms include Kaira, Keera, Keira, Kiera, Kyra, Kyrah, Kyreena, Kyrha, Kyria, Kyrie, Kyrene, Kyrra and Kirra.

Feminine form of Russian Kir: mistress, ruler. Form of Gaelic ciar: black, dark.

Famous People: 82 found on Wikipedia.
Popularity Name Birth Year Description
1 Kira Kosarin 1997 American actress, singer and dancer
2 Kira Reed 1971 Actress
3 Kira Kazantsev 1991 American beauty pageant contestant
4 Kira Buckland 1987 American actress
5 Kira Kener 1974 American pornographic actress
6 Kira Roessler 1962 American musician
7 Kira Yoshinaka 1641 Samurai; famous for 47 Ronin stories
8 Kira Yamato Fictional character
9 Kira Walkenhorst 1990 German beach volleyball player
10 Kira Clavell Canadian actress
11 Kira Isabella 1992 Singer
12 Kira Vincent-Davis 1979 American actress
13 Kira Plastinina 1992 Russian fashion designer
14 Kira Ivanova 1963 Figure skater
15 Kira Tozer 1984 Canadian voice actress
16 Kira Soltanovich 1973 Ukrainian American comedian and writer
17 Kira Muratova 1934 Film directorScreenwriter
18 Kira Gałczyńska 1936 Polish writer and journalist
19 Kira Salak 1971 Writer, adventurer, and journalist
20 Kira Grünberg 1993 Austrian athletics competitor and pole vaulter
21 Kira Peikoff 1985 American writer
22 Kira Eggers 1974 Danish model
23 Kira Miró 1980 Spanish actress
24 Kira Cochrane 1977 British journalist
25 Kira Davis American film producer
26 Kira Alin 1981 German presenter
27 Kira Skov 1976 Danish singer
28 Kira Zvorykina 1919 Soviet chess player
29 Yoshikage Kira
30 Tomohiko Kira 1959 Japanese musician
31 Kira O'Reilly British artist
32 Kira Inugami Manga artist
33 Kira Willey American songwrite, musician
34 Kira 1977 Belgian singer
35 Kira Eickhoff 1988 German handball player
36 Kira Hall 1962 American linguist and anthropologist
37 Kira Nagy 1977 Hungarian tennis player
38 Kira Hurley 1985 Canadian ice hockey player
39 Kira Schnack 1994 German handball player
40 Kira Maria
41 Kira Golovko 1919 Soviet and Russian actress
42 Kira Maria Asenina of Bulgaria Bulgarian princess and empress consort (tsarina)
43 Kira Biesenbach 1992 German athletics competitor
44 Chinatsu Kira 1991 Association football player
45 Kira Carstensen 2000 Documentary filmmaker
46 Kira Noir
47 Kira Geil 1985 Austrian ice dancer
48 Kira Lynn Harris 1963 American artist
49 Kira Stachowitsch 1990 Austrian journalist and model
50 Kira Bulten 1973 Swimmer
51 Kira Toussaint 1994 Dutch swimmer
52 Kira Bousloff 1914 Twentieth century ballet dancer
53 Kira Stein 1952 German mechanical engineer
54 Izuru Kira Fictional character
55 Kira Claudi 1994
56 Kira Poutanen 1974 Finnish writer
57 Kira Kreylis-Petrova 1931
58 Matúš Kira 1994 Slovak association football player
59 Kira Sugiyama 1910 Japanese photographer
60 Kira Pietrek 1983
61 Kira Gluschkoff
62 Kira Jääskeläinen 1979 Finnish film director
63 Kira Bursky
64 Kira Henehan American author and novelist
65 Kira Mozgalova 1982 Olympic pistol shooter
66 Kira Chikazane 1563 Samurai
67 Yoshiko Kira 1982 Japanese politician
68 Shuji Kira 1958 Japanese politician
69 Kira Banasińska 1899
70 Kira Borisovna Povarova 1933 Russian materials scientist
71 Kira Gueorguievna Andronikova 1908 Soviet actor (1908-1960)
72 Kira Kattenbeck 1992 Badminton player
73 Kira Katerina Daujotaitė 1921
74 Kira Stepanova 1993
75 Kira Richards Hansen
76 Kira Arkadjevna Sobolevskaja 1911 Botanist (1911-1999)
77 Kira Trusova
78 Kira Leonidovna Vinogradova 1937 Botanist
79 Kira Weidle 1996 German alpine skier
80 Kira Repka 1982 Swedish politician
81 Kira Wager 1971 Norwegian painter
82 Kira Gorlaci 1929 Moldovan-Russian opera singer