Origin: Greek, Latin
116 famous people named Kit found on Wikipedia.
2899 male, 1353 female in US.
Most recent ranking: 1755-th in year 2018
Best ranking: 786-th in year 1890
Used in: English


A female given name, form of Catherine or Katherine. A male given name, form of Christopher.

Kit is usually an abbreviation of the given names Christopher, Katherine, Kathleen, and similar names. People named Kit include:
Kit Ahern (1915–2007), Irish politician
Kit Armstrong (born 1992), American-born pianist and composer
Kit Bond (born 1939), American politician and U.S. Senator from Missouri
Kit Brown (born 1989), sound artist
Kit Burns (1831–1870), American gang leader
Kit Carson (1809–1868), American frontiersman
Kit Chan (born 1972), Singaporean singer
Kit Coleman (1864–1915), Canadian journalist
Kit Cope (born 1977), American kickboxer
Kit Culkin (born 1944), American actor
Kit Denton (1928–1997), Australian writer
Kit Fine (born 1946), British philosopher
Kit Harington (born 1986), British actor
Kit Hesketh-Harvey (born 1957), British comedian
Kit Hoover (born 1970), American television reporter
Kit Hung (born 1977), Hong Kong filmmaker
Kit Klein (1910–1985), American speed skater
Kit Lambert (1935–1981), British record producer
Kit Lathrop (born 1956), former National Football League player
Kit Malthouse (born 1966), British politician and Deputy Mayor of London
Christopher Marlowe (1564–1593), English playwright
Kit Pearson (born 1947), Canadian writer
Kit Pedler (1927–1981), British television writer
Kit Pongetti (born 1970), American actress
Kit Reed (born 1932), American writer
Kit Symons (born 1971), Wales footballer
Kit Watkins (born 1953), American jazz musician
Kit West (born 1936), British special effects artist
Kit Williams (born 1946), British illustrator
Kit Woolsey (born 1943), American bridge and backgammon player
Fictional characters:
Kit Ballard, protagonist of Blade Kitten
Kit Cloudkicker, in the Disney cartoon TaleSpin
Kit Carruthers, in the film Badlands
Kit De Luca, in the film Pretty Woman
Kit Fisto, Jedi Knight in the Star Wars series
Christopher "Kit" Julian, in the novel The Hand of Ethelberta by Thomas Hardy
Kit Keller, in the film A League of Their Own
Kit Kittredge, in the American Girl doll and book series
Kit McGraw, in the television series Nip/Tuck
Kit Nelson, in the TV series Alcatraz
Kit Oxenford, in the novel Whiteout by Ken Follett
Kit Porter, in the television series The L Word
Kit Ramsey, in the film Bowfinger
Kit Snicket, in the novels A Series of Unfortunate Events
Kit Tyler, in the 1959 novel The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare
Kit Walker, alias of fictional comic book character The Phantom
Kit Walker, in the TV series American Horror Story
Kit, in the film Failure to Launch
Rielle "Kit" Peddler, in the Android Netrunner universe
Christopher "Kit" Rodriguez, in the Young Wizards novel series

Late 13c., "round wooden tub," perhaps from Middle Dutch kitte "jug, tankard, wooden container," a word of unknown origin. Meaning "collection of personal effects," especially for traveling (originally in reference to a soldier), is from 1785, a transfer of sense from the chest to the articles in it; that of "outfit of tools for a workman" is from 1851. Of drum sets, by 1929. Meaning "article to be assembled by the buyer" is from 1930s. The soldier's stout kit-bag is from 1898.

Form of Christopher (bearer of Christ) or Katherine (pure, innocent).

Famous People: 116 found on Wikipedia.
Popularity Name Birth Year Description
1 Kit Harington 1986 Martian actor
2 Kit Culkin 1944 American actor
3 Kit Hoover 1970 American sportscaster
4 Kit Lambert 1935 Record producer
5 Kit Bond 1939 American politician
6 Kit Chan 1972 Singaporean singer and actress
7 Kit Symons 1971 Former Wales international footballer
8 Kit Williamson 1985 American actor
9 Kit Hunter
10 Kit Williams 1946 British figurative artist, puzzle designer and author of book 'Masquerade'.
11 Kit Cope 1977 American martial artist
12 Barys Kit 1910 American scientist
13 Kit Pongetti 1970 Actress
14 Kit Kittredge Fictional character from the American Girl series
15 Kit Hesketh-Harvey 1957 British musical performer, translator, composer and screenwriter
16 Kit Malthouse 1966 British politician
17 Kit Armstrong 1992 American pianist and composer
18 Kit Hain 1956 British singer and guitarist
19 Cheah Soon Kit 1968 Badminton player
20 Kit Pedler 1927 British medical scientist, parapsychologist and author
21 Kit Fine 1946 Professor of Philosophy and Mathematics
22 Kit Wright 1944 English writer
23 Kit Reed 1932 American author
24 Kit West 1936 Visual Effects Artist
25 Kit Cunningham 1931 British priest
26 Kit DesLauriers 1969 Champion skier, mountain climber
27 Kit Watkins 1953 American musician
28 Kit Denton 1928 British-Australian writer
29 Kit Hood 2000 Canadian television producer
30 Wong Kiew Kit 1944 Chinese martial artist
31 Kit Pearson 1947 Canadian writer
32 Kit Woolsey 1943 American bridge and backgammon player and writer
33 Kit de Waal 1960 English novelist and short story writer
34 Kit Laybourne 1943 American television producer
35 Kit Osbourne 1990 American professional wrestler
36 Kit Martin 1947 British architect
37 Kit Downes 1986 British jazz pianist
38 Kit Mueller American basketball player
39 Kit Coleman 1864 Irish-Canadian journalist
40 Kit Clardy 1892 American politician
41 Kit Lathrop 1956 American football player
42 Kit Taylor
43 Kit Clayton American musician
44 Lee Kit 1978 Hong Kong artist
45 Kit Pellow 1973 American baseball player
46 Kit Burns 1831 New York gang leader and underworld figure; he and Tommy Hadden co-led the Dead Rabbits during the 1850s.
47 Kit Hung Hong Kong director
48 Kit Ahern 1915 Irish politician
49 Leung Hing Kit 1989 Professional footballer
50 Kit Rachlis 1951 American journalist
51 Daniel-Leon Kit 1998 American actor
52 Kit Parker
53 Kit Klein 1910 Speed skater
54 Kit Bakke 1946 American activist
55 Chiu Chun Kit 1983 Hong Kong footballer
56 Kit McNaughton
57 Jack Ah Kit 1950 Australian politician
58 Kit Napier 1943 Scottish footballer
59 Kit Vaughan 1953 South African scientist
60 Chan Yan Kit 1985 Badminton player
61 Kit Dalton 1843 American gunman
62 Kit Thomas 1947 Record producer, filmmaker
63 Kit Barker 1916 British artist
64 Kit Hawkins British entertainment businessman
65 Kit Lang 1984 Canadian actor
66 Kit Yan
67 Kit Berry British writer
68 Kit Nieto
69 Kit DeCamps 1878 American gridiron football player
70 Kit Robinson 1949 American poet
71 Lo Chun Kit 1985 Hong Kong footballer
72 Ngaree Ah Kit 1981 Australian politician
73 Kit Fawcett 1954 New Zealand rugby union player
74 Kit McClure 1951 Jazz musician
75 Kit Ryan British film director
76 Kit Eichler 1953 Danish actress
77 Kit Wohl American food writer
78 Tetyana Kit 1994
79 Kit Jennings 1952 Wyoming politician
80 Kit Poole 1875
81 Gareth Low Jun Kit 1997
82 Kit Lawlor 1922 Irish footballer
83 Kit Cartwright 1954 American football coach
84 Kit McKenna 1873 American baseball player
85 Ho Kwan Kit 1997
86 Mak Chun Kit 1978 Singaporean documentary filmmaker
87 Kit Bigelow American Baha'i leader
88 Kit Spires 1954
89 Lam Wai Kit 1966
90 Leong Chon Kit 1980 Macau football player
91 Kit Fagan 1950 Footballer
92 Kit Weyman 1986 Canadian actor
93 Kit Hinrichs
94 Kit Sundqvist 1948
95 Kit Zell 1954 American soccer player
96 Kit Kovacs Canadian marine mammel researcher
97 Kit Horn 1929 American surfer
98 Kit Broholm 1952
99 Kit Swartz American television producer
100 Kit Raymond 1930 Australian cricket player
101 Kit Cosper 1967 Red Hat employee
102 Kit McMahon
103 KIT Walters
104 Chris Lee Chun Kit Malaysian politician
105 Kit Oppus Filipino politician
106 Kit Mouat English poet, author and secular humanist activist and editor
107 Lam Sai Kit
108 Kit Golden 2000 American film producer
109 Wong Hong Kit
110 Chan Tsz Kit 1991 Badminton player
111 Kit Goetz 1949 Danish actress
112 Kit Whitfield English novelist
113 Poon Chun Kit 1994
114 Kit Lewis 1911 British painter (1911-1998)
115 Kit Carson Fictional character in comics by Rino Albertarelli
116 Chan Kok Kit