Origin: English
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Maverick is both a surname and a given name. Notable people with the name include:
Kurd Maverick, Kurdish-German producer and DJ
Mary Maverick (1818–1898), Texas pioneer and diarist
Maury Maverick (1895–1954), US Congressman from Texas, who coined the word "gobbledygook"
Maury Maverick, Jr. (1921–2003), Texas attorney, activist, and columnist
Samuel Maverick (1803–1870), Texas pioneer and land baron from whom the term maverick originated
Samuel Maverick Jr (1837-1936), Texas soldier, businessman, and Alamo preservationist
Samuel Maverick (apprentice) (died 1770), a young man killed in the Boston Massacre
Samuel Maverick (colonist) (c. 1602 – c. 1670), English colonist in Massachusetts
Given name:
Maverick Sabre (born 1990), English singer-songwriter and rapper
Maverick Viñales (born 1995), Spanish Grand Prix motorcycle road racer

1867, "calf or yearling found without an owner's brand," so called for Samuel A. Maverick (1803-1870), Texas cattle owner who was negligent in branding his calves. Sense of "individualist, unconventional person" is first recorded 1886, via notion of "masterless."

Independently minded.

Famous People: 18 found on Wikipedia.
Popularity Name Birth Year Description
1 Maverick Viñales 1995 Spanish motorcycle racer
2 Maverick Sabre 1990 Maverick
3 Maverick Carter
4 Maverick Ahanmisi 1991 Basketball player
5 Maverick Weller 1992 Australian rules footballer
6 Maverick McNealy 1995
7 Maverick López 1996 Spanish singer
8 Maury Maverick 1895 American politician
9 Maverick Quek 1963
10 Mary Maverick 1818 American historian
11 Jordan Danyluk 1982 Professional wrestler
12 Samuel Maverick Massachusetts colonist
13 Kurd Maverick 2000 German House producer and DJ
14 John Maverick 1578 American minister
15 Scott C. Despres 1970 Wrestler
16 Maverick Rowan
17 Moses Maverick 1611 Massachusetts colonist
18 Maverickmen