Origin: French, Greek
6 famous people named Mellie found on Wikipedia.
2104 female in US.
Most recent ranking: 9526-th in year 2018
Best ranking: 389-th in year 1888


Melly, Mely or Mellie can refer to:
Andrée Melly (born 1932), English actress
Charles Pierre Melly (1829–1888), English philanthropist
George Melly (1926–2007), English singer, critic, writer and lecturer
George Melly (MP) (1830–1894), English merchant, shipowner and politician
Julius Kibiwott Melly, elected to the National Assembly of Kenya in 2013
Given name, nickname or stage name:
Mellie Francon (born 1982), Swiss snowboarder
Melly Goeslaw (born 1974), stage name of Indonesian singer and songwriter Mellyana Goeslaw Hoed
Melly Oitzl (born 1955), Austrian behavioral neuroscientist
Mely Romero Celis (born 1977), Mexican politician
Melly Still (born 1962), British director, designer and choreographer
Mely G. Tan (born 1930), Chinese Indonesian sociologist
Mellie Uyldert (1908–2009), Dutch New Age writer, alternative healer, occultist and astrologer
Melisa Nicolau (born 1984), Spanish former footballer known as Mely or Melisa
Meldon Mellie Wolfgang (1890-1947), American Major League Baseball pitcher
Fictional characters:
Melanie Hamilton, called "Melly", in the film Gone with the Wind
Roger Mellie, in Viz magazine

Variant spelling of Melli: black, dark, bee, honey, brave strength.

Famous People: 6 found on Wikipedia.
Popularity Name Birth Year Description
1 Roger Mellie Foul-mouthed fictional character featured in Viz magazine
2 Mellie Uyldert 1908 Dutch astrologer
3 Mellie Dunham 1853 American musician
4 Mellie Francon 1982 Swiss snowboarder
5 Mellie Wolfgang 1890 American baseball player