Origin: Indian, Persian
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1182 male, 353 female in US.
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For the 1990s R&B group, see Shai; for the forebear of Mossad see Shai (Haganah unit)
Shai (also spelt Sai, occasionally Shay, and in Greek, Psais) was the deification of the concept of fate in Egyptian mythology. As a concept, with no particular reason for associating one gender over another, Shai was sometimes considered female, rather than the more usual understanding of being male, in which circumstance Shai was referred to as Shait (simply the feminine form of the name). His name reflects his function, as it means (that which is) ordained.
As the god of fate, it was said that he determined the span of each man's life, and was present at the judgement of the soul of the deceased in duat. In consequence, he was sometimes identified as the husband of Mesenet, goddess of birth, or, in later years, of Renenutet, who assigned the Ren, and had become considered goddess of fortune. Because of the power associated in the concept, Akhenaten, in introducing monotheism, said that Shai was an attribute of Aten, whereas Ramses II claimed to be lord of Shai (i.e. lord of fate).
During Ptolemaic Egypt, Shai, as god of fate, was identified with the Greek god Agathodaemon, who was the god of fortune telling. Thus, since Agathodaemon was considered to be a serpent, and the word Shai was also the Egyptian word for pig, in the Hellenic period, Shai was sometimes depicted as a serpent-headed pig, known to Egyptologists as the Shai animal.

Means: shade with the connotation of protective and influential. Saint, master, lord. Means: flower in Indian.

Famous People: 58 found on Wikipedia.
Popularity Name Birth Year Description
1 Sai Pallavi Indian actress
2 Sai Baba of Shirdi 1838 Hindu and muslim saint
3 Sai Dharam Tej 1987
4 Sai Tamhankar 1986 Marathi film actress
5 Sai Lokur 1989
6 Sai Prashanth 1985 Indian actor
7 Sai Deodhar 1984 Indian actress
8 Sai Paranjpye 1938 Indian film director
9 Sai Kiran 1978 Indian actor
10 Sai Kiran Adivi Film director, producer
11 Sai Karthik 1983
12 Korrapati Ranganatha Sai
13 Maharani Saibai 1633 First wife and chief consort of Shivaji
14 Narayan Sai 1972 Indian spiritual leader
15 Anand Sai Indian art director
16 Veer Surendra Sai 1809 Indian activist
17 Sai Sai Kham Leng 1979 Musician
18 Sai Maa 1953 Mauritian spiritual teacher
19 Dhansika 1989 Actress
20 Sai Prakash Film director and producer
21 Sai Prathap Annayyagari 1944 Indian politician
22 Sai Mauk Kham 1950 Vice President of Myanmar
23 Sai Jinhua 1872 Chinese courtesan
24 Vishnu Deo Sai 1964 Indian politician
25 Sai Wing Mock 1879 American mobster
26 Nand Kumar Sai 1946 Indian politician
27 Sai Gundewar 1978
28 Sai van Wermeskerken 1994 Dutch association football player
29 Ryoji Sai 1980 Japanese professional wrestler
30 Sai Htee Saing 1950 Burmese musician
31 Yoichi Sai 1949 Zainichi Korean film director
32 Marlene Sai 1941 Hawaiian singer and entertainer.
33 Lee Kim Sai 1937 Malaysian politician
34 Sai On 1682 Sanshikan of Ryukyu; Regent, instructor, and advisor to King Shō Kei
35 Sai Kaleshwar 1973
36 Sai Yukino 1982 Japanese writer
37 Sai Kham Leik 1949 Burmese composer
38 Sai Reddy 1962 Indian journalist
39 Sai Mustafa Çelebi Turkish author
40 Grace Sai 1983 Malaysian entrepreneur
41 Sai Taku 1645 Ryukyuan aristocrat
42 Obodai Sai 1984 Ghanaian boxer
43 Sai Sam Tun 1946 Owner of Yadanabon FC
44 Sai Shravanam 1981
45 Sai Gwa-Pau 1918 Hong Kong actor
46 Narhari Prasad Sai Indian politician
47 Sai Yinjiya 1976 Chinese wrestler
48 Sai Min Tun 1994 Burmese association football player
49 Tan Yu Sai
50 Sai Kanakubo 1989 Japanese footballer
51 Larang Sai
52 Sai Yinjirigala 1989
53 Manoj Sai 1982
54 Sai Jayalakshmy Jayaram 1977
55 Sai Madhav Burra
56 Sai Teja
57 Sai Nyi Lay 1986
58 Sai Prasad Gundewar