Origin: Greek
30 famous people named Selena found on Wikipedia.
50719 female, 57 male in US.
Most recent ranking: 249-th in year 2018
Best ranking: 91-th in year 1995
Used in: Mythology, Russian, Spanish


Also, Selena. a female given name.

Selena is a given name. Notable people with the name include:
Selena (Selena Quintanilla-Pérez; 1971–1995), American Tejano singer
Selena (Dutch singer) (Selena Brons; born 1965), Dutch singer
Selena Barajas (born 1982), Mexican female volleyball player
Selena Sloan Butler (1872–1964) American founder and president of parent-teacher organizations
Selena Coppa (born 1983), military intelligence Sergeant in the United States Army
Selena Cuffe (born 1975), African-American businesswoman
Selena Fox (born 1949), Wiccan priestess and activist
Selena Gomez (born 1992), American singer and actress
Selena Li (born 1981), Hong Kong actress and beauty contestant
Selena Millares (born 1963), Spanish writer and professor
Selena Piek (born 1991), Dutch badminton player
Selena Roberts (born 1966), American sponsors and sportswriter
Selena Royle (1904–1983), American actress
Selena M. Salcedo, American soldier convicted of assaulting an Afghan prisoner who later died
Selena Steele (born 1961), American exotic dancer and pornographic actress
Selena Tan, Singaporean actress
Selena Zhao (born 1998), Canadian competitive figure skater

Latin word for musical goddess, from Greek selene (the moon).

Famous People: 30 found on Wikipedia.
Popularity Name Birth Year Description
1 Selena Gomez 1992 American singer and actress
2 Selena Li 1981 Canadian actress
3 Selena Steele 1961 American pornographic actor and erotic dancer
4 Selena Rose 1990 American pornographic actor
5 Selena Royle 1904 Actress
6 Selena Tan Singaporean actress
7 Selena Roberts 1966 American sportswriter
8 Selena Piek 1991 Badminton player
9 Selena Fox 1949 American Wiccan priestess
10 Selena Cross
11 Selena M. Salcedo American army soldier
12 Selena Silver 1979 Australian pornographic actress
13 Selena Leo 1975
14 Selena Sloan Butler 1872 American activist
15 Selena Coppa 1983 United States Soldier
16 Selena Cuffe 1975 American businesswoman
17 Selena Zhao 1998
18 Selena Lin 1979 Taiwanese comic artist
19 Selena 1965 Dutch singer
20 Selena Lee
21 Selena Uibo Australian politician
22 Selena Rudge 1975 British rugby union player
23 Selena Millares 1963 Spanish poet, writer and philologist
24 Selena O'Hanlon 1981
25 Selena Worsley 1975 Australian rugby union player
26 Selena Du 2000 American model, actor, television presenter and beauty pageant contestant
27 Selena Barajas 1982 Mexican volleyball player
28 Selena Romanovna Čičagova 1767
29 Selena Vasilache 1986 Romanian actress
30 Selena Charteris