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33 famous people named Subramanian found on Wikipedia.
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Subramaniam, Subramanyam or Subramanian (Tamil: சுப்பிரமணியம்; Telugu: సుబ్రహ్మణ్యం) is a given name for a South Indian male. Due the South Indian tradition of using patronymic surnames it may also be a surname for males and females. The name is derived from merging two common Sanskrit/Tamil words supri-ya (सु), meaning "good" or "dear," and mani-ya, meaning jewel; the name translates loosely as "worthy jewel". Other mistranslations such as "dear to brahmins" are widespread. Subramaniam is one of the many names of the Hindu god Murugan.

Combine of su (good) and brahman (transcendent reality, eternal truth).

Famous People: 33 found on Wikipedia.
Popularity Name Birth Year Description
1 Subramanian Swamy 1939 Indian politician
2 Arvind Subramanian 1959 Economist
3 Ramya Subramanian Indian actor
4 T. S. R. Subramanian Indian politician
5 Samanth Subramanian
6 Krishna Subramanian American businessman
7 Mas Subramanian
8 Mukkur N. Subramanian Member of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly
9 Mani Subramanian Indian businessman
10 N. Subramanian Member of the Tamil Nadu legislative assembly
11 Subramanian Arun Prasad 1988 Indian chess grandmaster
12 Vidya Subramanian Indian singer
13 Subramanian Kalyanaraman
14 Subramanian Indian recipient of the George Cross
15 V. Subramanian Member of Tamil Nadu legislative assembly
16 A. L. Subramanian 1939 Indian politician
17 Chirayathumadom Venkatachalier Subramanian 1924 Botanist
18 Subramanian Krishnamoorthy 1929 Indian writer
19 M. Arun Subramanian Indian politician
20 Subramanian Anand 1986 Cricketer
21 T. Subramanian Former member of the Legislative Assembly of Tamil Nadu
22 Baskar Subramanian 1970 Singaporean actor
23 Ravi Subramanian 1965
24 Subramanian Anantha Ramakrishna
25 O. Subramanian Indian politician
26 V. N. Subramanian Member of Tamil Nadu legislative assembly
27 V. M. Subramanian Member of Tamil Nadu legislative assembly
28 R. C. Subramanian Indian politician
29 Doraiswamy Subramanian 1984
30 Subramanian Iyer
31 Guhan Subramanian
32 Subramanian Ramanathan
33 Perumal Subramanian