Origin: Hebrew
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5651 female, 861 male in US.
Most recent ranking: 2539-th in year 2018
Best ranking: 1013-th in year 1977
Used in: Biblical, Georgian, Hebrew


Tamar (Hebrew: תמר‎) is a female name of Hebrew origin, meaning "date" (the fruit), "date palm" or just "palm tree". There are three characters in the Bible with this name. The pronunciation of Tamar depends on each so-named person's language, culture, and idiolectic preference; typical pronunciations in English are and . Variants include "Tamara".
The name was not often used in traditional Jewish societies, possibly because both Biblical characters bearing the name are depicted as involved in controversial sexual affairs. It was, however, among the Biblical names revived and actively promoted by the Zionist pioneers, and is a common female name in contemporary Israel (often shortened, as in other languages, to "Tammy" (תמי) – which is sometimes treated as name on its own).
It is also a popular name among Armenians, sometimes nicknamed "Tamarik", meaning "Little Tamar". According to Armenian folklore, the name of Akhtamar Island in Lake Van is attributed to a peasant boy's longing cries of "Akh (Oh), Tamar!" as he drowns trying to reach his beloved Princess Tamar imprisoned on the island.
Tamar is common among Georgians, where its origin can be traced either to the above-mentioned Biblical Hebrew characters, to the sky goddess Tamar, who had an important role in the Georgians' mythology before their conversion to Christianity or to a convergence of both.
In turn, the popularity of the name (especially in the version "Tamara") among Russians and other Slavic peoples can in part be traced to the centuries-long political and cultural contacts between Russians and Georgians. In particular, Russia was touched by the fame of the medieval queen regnant Tamar of Georgia, reckoned among the greatest of her country's monarchs and who had a Russian husband.
Tamar was also among the Biblical names used by Puritans in the American Colonial Era in the 17th and 18th centuries. Puritan families sometimes used names of Biblical characters seen as sinful as a reminder of man's fallen state.

Palm tree, upright.

Famous People: 67 found on Wikipedia.
Popularity Name Birth Year Description
1 Tamar Estine Braxton 1977 American singer
2 Tamar of Georgia 1166 Queen Regent of Georgia
3 Tamar Novas 1986 Spanish actor
4 Tamar Biblical daughter of David
5 Tamar Simon Hoffs 1934 American film director, producer and writer
6 Tamar Kaprelian 1986 Singer
7 Tamar Zandberg 1976 Israeli politician
8 Tamar Gendler 1965 American philosopher
9 Tamar Slay 1980 American basketball player
10 Tamar Jalis
11 Tamar Baruch 1959 Dutch actress
12 Tamar Jacoby 1954 American writer
13 Tamar Geller American dog trainer and animal care writer
14 Tamar Iveri 1900 Georgian opera singer
15 Tamar Beruchashvili 1961 Georgian politician
16 Tamar Ziskind 1985 Israeli Miss World delegate
17 Tamar Halperin 1976 Israeli conductor
18 Tamar Shedania 1992 Beauty pageant winner
19 Tamar Katz 1988 Israeli figure skater
20 Tamar Sanikidze 1978 Georgian politican and ex-government minister
21 Tamar Ross 1938 Israeli philosopher
22 Tamar Ziegler 1971 Israeli mathematician
23 Tamar Garb British art historian
24 Tamar Pitch
25 Tamar Halpern American film director and writer
26 Tamar Abakelia 1905 Georgian sculptor, theater designer and illustrator
27 Tamar Ish-Shalom 1981
28 Tamar Gozansky 1940 Israeli politician
29 Tamar Golan 1933 Israeli journalist and diplomat
30 Tamar Frankel 1925 American academic
31 Tamar II of Kartli 1696 Georgian queen regnant
32 Tamar Dongus 1994 German association football player
33 Tamar Eisenman 1980 Israeli musician
34 Tamar Meisels Israeli political scientist
35 Tamar Lalo 1984 Recorder player
36 Tamar Yellin 1963 English writer
37 Tamar Eshel 1920 Israeli politician
38 Tamar Fattah Ramadhan Kuchar Iraqi politician
39 Tamar Getter 1953 Painter
40 Tamar Giladi Israeli singer
41 Tamar Adar 1939 Israeli children's writer
42 Tamar Amar-Dahl 1968
43 Tamar Schlick American mathematician
44 Tamar Hermann
45 Tamar Kintsurashvili 1970 Georgian journalist
46 Tamar of Imereti
47 Tamar Lambert 1981
48 Tamar El Or 1955 Israeli sociologist
49 Tamar Kvelidze 1990 Association footballer
50 Tamar Ariel 1989 Military Navigator
51 Tamar Nadirashvili 1990 Association footballer
52 Tamar Herzog 1965
53 Tamar Sovran 1948 Hebrew Culture Studies researcher
54 Tamar Bair 1912
55 Tamar of Mukhrani
56 Tamar Fish Nachshon 1926 Israeli writer
57 Tamar de Sola Pool 1890
58 Tamar van den Dop 1970 Dutch actress and director
59 Tamar Hirschl
60 Tamar Tavadze 1898 Georgian artist, theatre painter, sculptor and architect
61 Tamar Khmiadashvili 1944 Georgian chess player
62 Tamar Murtem
63 Tamar Pelleg-Sryck 1926
64 Tamar Djaja
65 Tamar Amilakhori Concubine of Safavid king Abbas I's (r. 1588-1629)
66 Tamar Bornstein-Lazar Israeli children's writer
67 Tamar Murachver