Origin: Greek
43 famous people named Tea found on Wikipedia.
2365 female in US.
Most recent ranking: 5941-th in year 2018
Best ranking: 749-th in year 1998
Used in: Croatian, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Slovene, Swedish


Tea is a feminine given name which is cognate to the name Theia.

Téa is a female given name of Georgian (country) origin.
Téa can refer to:
Téa Gardner, the alternative name for Yu-Gi-Oh! character Anzu Mazaki
Téa Leoni, American actress
Téa Henry, French footballer, daughter of Thierry Henry
Téa Delgado, a character on One Life to Live

1650s, tay, also in early spellings thea, tey, tee and at first pronounced so as to rhyme with obey; the modern pronunciation predominates from mid-18c. But earlier in English as chaa (1590s), also cha, tcha, chia, cia. The two forms of the word reflect two paths of transmission: chaa is from Portuguese cha, attested in Portuguese from 1550s, via Macao, from Mandarin (Chinese) ch'a (cf chai). The later form, which became Modern English tea, is via Dutch, from Malay teh and directly from Chinese (Amoy dialect) t'e, which corresponds to Mandarin ch'a. The distribution of the different forms of the word in Europe reflects the spread of use of the beverage. The modern English form, along with French thé, Spanish te, German Tee, etc., derive via Dutch thee from the Amoy form, reflecting the role of the Dutch as the chief importers of the leaves (through the Dutch East India Company, from 1610). Meanwhile, Russian chai, Persian cha, Greek tsai, Arabic shay, and Turkish çay all came overland from the Mandarin form. First known in Paris 1635, the practice of drinking tea was first introduced to England 1644. Meaning "afternoon meal at which tea is served" is from 1738. Slang meaning "marijuana" (which sometimes was brewed in hot water) is attested from 1935, felt as obsolete by late 1960s. Tea ball is from 1895.

Gift of God, goddess.

Famous People: 43 found on Wikipedia.
Popularity Name Birth Year Description
1 Téa Leoni 1966 Actress
2 Cocoa Tea 1959 Jamaican musician
3 Téa Obreht 1985 American fiction writer
4 Michelle Tea 1971 American writer
5 Téa Delgado One Life to Live character
6 Tea Khalifa 1977
7 Tea Falco 1986 Italian actress
8 Tea Stjärne 2001 Swedish actress
9 Tea Banh 1945 Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for National Defence for Cambodia
10 Tea Tsulukiani 1975 Georgian lawyer
11 Tea Ropati 1964 New Zealand rugby league player
12 Thierry Tea 1981 French-Cambodian businessman
13 Tea Alagic
14 Thea Djordjadze 1971 Artist
15 Tea Hiilloste 1982 Finnish singer
16 Tea Donguzashvili 1976 Judoka
17 Tea Lanchava 1974 Chess player
18 Tea Mäkipää 1973 Finnish artist
19 Tea Ugrin 1998 Italian artistic gymnast
20 Tea Sugareva 1989 Bulgarian poet
21 Tea Ista 1932 Finnish actress
22 Richard Longstreet Tea 1840 United States Army Medal of Honor recipient
23 Tea Latvala
24 Tea Grubišić 1985 Croatian handball player
25 Tea Palić 1991 Croatian alpine skier
26 Tea Frogier French Polynesia politician
27 Tea Vikstedt-Nyman 1959 Finnish racing cyclist
28 Tea Villilä 1991 Finnish ice hockey player
29 Tea Finni Finnish sprinter
30 Tea Petrin 1944 Slovene economist and politician
31 Tea Helenelund 1917
32 Tea Karvinen 1966
33 Tea Izraelis Polish actress
34 Tea Bertasi 1911
35 Tea Savoia 1941
36 Tea Kolar-Jurkovšek 1954
37 Tea Cosy Pete 1949 Homeless person of Swansea, Wales
38 Tea Albini 1950 Italian politician
39 Tea Breščak 1895 Poet and painter (1895-1973)
40 Tea Grönman 1982
41 Tea Sojat 1991
42 Tea Silađi
43 Tea Suojanen 1982