Origin: Greek
7 famous people named Tessie found on Wikipedia.
9917 female, 10 male in US.
Most recent ranking: 9693-th in year 2018
Best ranking: 311-th in year 1917
Used in: English


A female given name, form of Theresa.

Tessie is a feminine given name or nickname, often of Teresa or Theresa, which may refer to:
Maria Teresa Tessie Agana (born 1942), Filipino child movie star
Maria Teresa Teresa Aquino-Oreta (born 1944), Filipino politician
Tess Harper (born 1950), American actress born Tessie Jean Washam
Teresa Tessie O'Shea (1913-1995), Welsh entertainer and actress
Theresa Fair Oelrichs (1871-1926), American socialite
Tessie Reynolds (c. 1877? – 1955), British cyclist
Tessie Santiago (born 1975), American actress
Teresa Tessie Wall (1869-1932), American madam and brothel owner
Tessie Thompson, a character in the soap opera Hollyoaks

Abbreviation of Teresa: harvester, summer, to harvest.

Famous People: 7 found on Wikipedia.
Popularity Name Birth Year Description
1 Tessie O'Shea 1913 Actress, singer
2 Tessie Santiago 1975 American actress
3 Tessie Reynolds 1876
4 Tessie Wall 1869 Madam who operated brothels in San Francisco, California
5 Tessie Agana 1943 Actress
6 Tessie Tomas
7 Tessie Savelkouls 1992