Origin: Arabic, Aramaic, Greek
5963 famous people named Tom found on Wikipedia.
139288 male, 613 female in US.
Most recent ranking: 2130-th in year 2018
Best ranking: 40-th in year 1880
Used in: Dutch, English, Hebrew


A male given name: a surname, ultimately derived from clerk. A male given name, form of Thomas.

Tom is mostly used as a diminutive of Thomas. In Germanic countries and Scandinavia, and various other countries like New Zealand, "Tom" is in use as a formal given name.
The name Tôm also exists as an independent Aramaic name (תום).
Notable people who use the diminutive include:
Tom Anderson
Tom Baker
Tom Bell, multiple people
Tom Bergeron, American television personality and game show host
Tom Bosley, American actor
Tom Brady, American football player for the New England Patriots
Tom Brokaw, American anchor for NBC
Tom Cassell, British Youtuber
Tom Chaplin, British singer of band Keane
Tom Clancy, American author
Stompin' Tom Connors, Canadian singer/songwriter
Tom Cotter
Tom Cruise
Tom Cutler, Australian rules footballer
Tom Daly
Tom DeLay, American politician
Tom DeLonge, American musician
Tom Dwan, American poker player
Tom Felton, English actor and singer
Tom Fletcher
Tom Gamboa, American baseball coach and manager
Tom Gilson, American actor
Tom Gilson (American football), American football player
Tom Green
Tom Hanks, American film actor
Tom Hardy
Tom Hiddleston, English actor
Tom Hopper, English actor
Tom Humble, Australian Rugby League player
Tom Jobim, Brazilian singer-songwriter
Tom Jones
Tom Kenny
Tom Kingston, Australian rugby union player
Tom Kingston (rugby league), Australian rugby league player
Tom Konyves, Canadian poet, pioneer of video poetry
Tom Leppard, English surfer
Tom Mix, American cowboy actor
Tomm Moore, Irish illustrator, comics artist and filmmaker
Tom Morello, American guitarist from Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave
Oswald 'Tom' Mosley, English politician, known principally as the founder of the British Union of Fascists
Tom Odell, British singer
Tom Parker
Tom Pratt (American football), American football coach
Tom Petty, American musician and singer-songwriter
Tom Poston, American actor
Tom Rehder, American football player
Tom Riddle, fictional Harry Potter series villain
Tom Rockliff, Australian rules footballer
Tom Selleck, American actor and film producer
Tom Simpson
Tom Smothers, American comedian, composer, and musician
Tom Stolhandske, American football player
Tom Symonds, Australian Rugby League player
Tom Thumb, A character of English folklore
Tom Tsuchiya, American sculptor
Tom Verlaine, American guitarist for the punk band Television
Tom Vu, Vietnamese-American poker player, real estate investor and speaker
Tom Waits, American singer-songwriter, composer, and actor
Tom Welling, American actor best known for playing Clark Kent on Smallville
Tom Zé, Brazilian singer‐songwriter
Notable people with Tom as given name include:
Tom Boonen, Belgian cyclist
Tom Kaulitz, guitarist of band Tokio Hotel
Tom Segev, Israeli historian, author, and journalist
Tom Tykwer, German film director
Tom Veen, Dutch politician

Familiar shortening of masc. proper name Thomas, used by late 14c. as a type of a nickname for a common man (as in Tom, Dick, and Harry, 1734). Applied 17c. as a nickname for several exceptionally large bells. Short for Uncle Tom in the sense of "black man regarded as too servile to whites" is recorded from 1959. Tom Walker, U.S. Southern colloquial for "the devil" is recorded from 1833. Tom and Jerry is first attested 1828 and later used in many extended senses, originally were the names of the two chief characters (Corinthian Tom and Jerry Hawthorn) in Pierce Egan's "Life in London" (1821); the U.S. cat and mouse cartoon characters debuted 1940 in "Puss Gets the Boot." Tom Thumb (1570s) was a miniature man in popular tradition before P.T. Barnum took the name for a dwarf he exhibited. Tom-tit "titmouse" is from 1709. Compare tomcat.

English short form of Thomas: twin.

Famous People: 5963 found on Wikipedia.
Popularity Name Birth Year Description
1 Tom Hardy 1977 English actor, screenwriter and producer
2 Tom Cruise 1962 American actor and film producer
3 Tom Hanks 1956 American actor
4 Tom Hiddleston 1981 English actor, producer and musical performer
5 Tom Selleck 1945 American actor
6 Tom Jones 1940 Welsh singer
7 Tom Felton 1987 English actor and singer
8 Tom Ellis 1978 Welsh actor
9 Tom Waits 1949 American singer-songwriter and actor
10 Tom Ford 1961 American fashion designer
11 Tom Petty 1950 American musician
12 Tom Clancy 1947 American author
13 Tom DeLonge 1975 American rock musician
14 Tom Welling 1977 American actor and model
15 Tom Daley 1994 British diver
16 Tom Sizemore 1961 Actor
17 Tom Franco 1980 American actor and television actor
18 Tom Morello 1964 American guitarist and singer-songwriter
19 Tom Hollander 1967 British actor
20 Tom Kenny 1962 American actor, and comedian
21 Tom Green 1971 Canadian actor and comedian
22 Tom Cavanagh 1963 Canadian actor
23 Tom Sturridge 1985 British actor
24 Tom Wilkinson 1948 English actor
25 Tom Brokaw 1940 Television journalist
26 Tom Arnold 1959 American actor and comedian
27 Tom Coughlin 1946 American football player and coach
28 Tom Berenger 1949 Actor
29 Tom Burke 1981 English actor
30 Tom Skerritt 1933 American actor
31 Tom Payne 1982 British actor
32 Tom Herman 1975 American football player and coach
33 Tom Everett Scott 1970 Actor
34 Tom Cotton 1977 US soldier and politician
35 Tom Hughes 1985 British actor
36 Uncle Tom Fictional character
37 Major Tom David Bowie character
38 Tom Cullen 1985 British actor
39 Tom Bosley 1927 American actor
40 Tom Hulce 1953 Actor
41 Tom Lehrer 1928 American singer-songwriter and mathematician
42 Tom Wlaschiha 1973 German actor and dubber
43 Tom Courtenay 1937 British actor
44 Tom Wolfe 1931 American writer and journalist
45 Tom Bergeron 1955 American television personality
46 Tom Landry 1924 Coach of the Dallas Cowboys
47 Tom Sawyer Title character of the novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain
48 Tom Anderson 1970 US internet entrepreneur
49 Tom Lister Jr. 1958 American character actor and retired professional wrestler
50 Tom Odell 1990 British singer-songwriter
51 Tom Riley 1981 English actor
52 Tom Bombadil Middle-earth character
53 Tom Hayden 1939 American social and political activist, author and politician
54 Tom Fletcher 1985 British musician
55 Tom Thibodeau 1958 Basketball coach from the United States
56 Thomas Perez 1961 26th United States Secretary of Labor
57 Tom Poston 1921 American actor
58 Tom Stoppard 1937 British playwright
59 Lauren Tom 1961 Actress, voice actress
60 Tom Hagen Fictional human
61 Tom Araya 1961 Bassist and Vocalist in Slayer
62 Tom Noonan 1951 American actor, director, and screenwriter
63 Tom McCarthy 1966 American actor, writer and film director
64 Tom Goodman-Hill 1968 Actor
65 Tom Pelphrey 1982 American actor
66 Tom Mison 1982 Actor, writer
67 Tom Harmon 1919 American football player, announcer
68 Tom Cleverley 1989 English footballer
69 Tom Fogerty 1941 American musician, best known as the rhythm guitarist in Creedence Clearwater Revival
70 Nicholle Tom 1978 American actress
71 Tom Savage 1990 American football quarterback
72 Tom Steyer 1957 American hedge fund manager billionaire
73 Tom Scholz 1947 Musician
74 Tom Heaton 1986 English footballer
75 Tom Laughlin 1931 American actor and political activist
76 Tom Williams 1980 Cyprus international footballer
77 Tom Cassell 1993 British Gamer/YouTuber/Commentator
78 Tom Crean 1966 College basketball coach
79 Tom Dwan 1986 American poker player
80 Tom Six 1973 Dutch film director, producer, writer and painter
81 Tom Davies (footballer, born 1998) 1998 English footballer
82 Tom Kane 1962 Voice actor
83 Tom Ince 1992 Football player from England
84 Tom Alter 1950 Indian actor
85 Tom Vilsack 1950 American politician
86 Tom Izzo 1955 American basketball player and coach
87 Tom Wopat 1951 American actor
88 Tom Mix 1880 American actor
89 Tom Horn 1860 American outlaw
90 Tom Segura 1979 Comedian
91 Tom Kerridge 1973 British chef
92 Tom Savini 1946 American actor, stuntman, director and makeup artist
93 Tom Guiry 1981 American actor
94 Tom Parker Bowles 1974 Son of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall
95 Tom Hooper 1972 British movie director
96 Tom Seaver 1944 Hall of Fame baseball pitcher (1967-1986)
97 Tom Chaplin 1979 British musician
98 Tom DeLay 1947 American Republican politician
99 Tom Watson 1967 British politician (Labour)
100 Tom Wolf 1948 American politician
101 Tom Haverford Fictional character from Parks and Recreation
102 Heather Tom 1975 Actress
103 Tom Snyder 1936 American television personality
104 Tom Prichard 1959 American professional wrestler
105 Tom Conti 1941 British actor
106 Tom Rosenthal 1988 British actor and comedian
107 Tom Jackson 1951 American football player
108 Tom Glavine 1966 American professional baseball player, pitcher
109 Tom Carroll 1992 Footballer
110 Tom Byron 1961 American pornographic actor
111 Tom of Finland 1920 Finnish artist
112 Tom Heinsohn 1934 American basketball player and coach
113 Tom Robbins 1932 American writer
114 Tom Lawrence 1994 British association football player
115 Tom T. Hall 1936 American musician
116 Tom Wu 1972 Actor
117 Manuel Martín Sánchez 1937 American businessman
118 Tom Lawlor 1983 American martial artist
119 Tom Austen 1988 British actor
120 Tom Dumoulin 1990 Dutch cyclist
121 Tom Daschle 1947 South Dakota politician
122 Tom Wisdom 1973 English actor
123 Tom Bodett 1955 American writer, voice actor and radio host
124 Tom Smothers 1937 American comedian, musician and TV presenter
125 Tom Dempsey 1947 Former American football placekicker in the NFL
126 Tom Simpson 1937 Professional cyclist
127 Tom Verica 1964
128 Tom Huddlestone 1986 English footballer
129 Tom Thomson 1877 Canadian artist
130 Tom Colicchio 1962 American chef
131 Tom Flores 1937 American football player, coach, executive
132 Tom Benson 1927 American football executive
133 Tom Rogić 1992 Footballer
134 Tom Gores 1964 American money manager
135 Tom Bradley 1917 American mayor
136 Tom Wright 1983 Australian actor
137 Tom Cochrane 1953 Singer-songwriter, musician
138 Tom Ripley
139 Tom Golisano 1941 American businessman
140 Tom Osborne 1937 American football player and coach, college athletics administrator, politician
141 Tom Pryce 1949 Welsh racecar driver
142 Tom McGrath 1964 American film director, animator, and voice actor
143 Tom Petersson 1950 American musician
144 Tom Allen 1983 Comedian
145 Tom Keifer 1961 American musician
146 Tom Conway 1904 British actor
147 Tom Hamilton 1951 American rock musician
148 Tom Ridge 1945 American politician, Pennsylvania governor and Secretary of Homeland Security
149 Tom Tryon 1926 Film actor, television actor, writer
150 Tom Udall 1948 American politician
151 Tom Harkin 1939 American politician
152 Tom Tykwer 1965 German film director, screenwriter, film producer and film composer
153 Tom Burlinson 1956 Australian actor and singer
154 Tom Atkins 1935 American actor
155 Tom Werner 1950 American television producer, screenwriter, director, and businessman
156 Tom Johnston 1948 American musician
157 Tom Phillips American wrestling announcer
158 Tom Leykis 1956 Radio Host
159 Thomas Crean 1877 Irish explorer
160 Tom Brooke 1978 English actor
161 Tom Shadyac 1958 American film director
162 Tom Platz 1955 American professional bodybuilder
163 Tom Burnett 1963 Vice president and COO of a Pleasanton, California, medical devices company, Thoratec Corporation
164 Tom Ward 1971 Actor
165 Tom Perriello 1974 U.S. politician
166 Tom Cairney 1991 Footballer
167 Tom Foley 1929 American politician
168 Tom Coburn 1948 Medical doctor, politician
169 Tom Verlaine 1949 Musician, vocalist, producer
170 Tom Joyner 1949 American radio host
171 Tom Chambers 1959 American former star NBA professional basketball player
172 Tom Evans 1947 British musician
173 Tom Clarke 1857 Irish revolutionary leader
174 Tom Papa 1968 American comedian, actor
175 Tom Perrotta 1961 American novelist and screenwriter
176 Tom Bradby 1967 British journalist and novelist
177 Tom McHale 1963 Player of American football
178 Tom Lester 1938 American actor and evangelist
179 Tom Bailey 1954 British singer-songwriter
180 Tom Ketchum 1863 American gunman
181 Tom Boonen 1980 Belgian road bicycle racer
182 Tom Bell 1933 English actor on stage, film and television
183 Tom Robinson 1950 British musician
184 Tom Meighan 1981 British singer
185 Tom Rob Smith 1979 English novelist
186 Tom Scharpling 1969 American comedian
187 Tom Thacker 1977 Canadian musician
188 Tom Schilling 1982 German television and film actor
189 Tom Paxton 1937 American folk singer and singer-songwriter
190 Tom Rodriguez 1987 American-Filipino singer
191 Tom Paris Fictional human
192 Tom Weston-Jones 1987 British actor
193 Tom Starke 1981 German footballer
194 Thomas Mulcair 1954 Canadian lawyer and politician
195 Tom Cunningham
196 Tom McGowan 1959 Actor
197 Tom Ewell 1909 American actor
198 Tom Davis 1952 Comedian
199 Tom Irwin 1956 American actor
200 Tom Kennedy 1927 American game show host