Origin: Asian, Cambodian
5 famous people named Veasna found on Wikipedia.
146 male in US.
Most recent ranking: 12447-th in year 2008
Best ranking: 2965-th in year 1982
Used in: Khmer


Veasna is a given name of Cambodian origin meaning "good lucky". As with most Cambodian names the family name is followed by the given name.
Veasna may refer to:
Khem Veasna, Cambodian politician, the founder of League for Democracy Party
Soun Veasna, Cambodian footballer
Khim Veasna, Cambodian politician, a member of the Sam Rainsy Party

Opportunity, good fortune, fate.

Famous People: 5 found on Wikipedia.
Popularity Name Birth Year Description
1 Khem Veasna 1971 Cambodian politician
2 Soun Veasna 1994 Footballer
3 Khim Veasna Member of Sam Rainsy Party
4 Veasna Troeung 1989 Badminton player
5 Oum Veasna 1984 Cambodian association football player