Origin: Turkish
8 famous people named Xiaoyan found on Wikipedia.


Xiaoyan or Hsiao-yen (Chinese: 晓燕) or Chinese: 小燕 is a Chinese-language feminine given name. It may refer to:
Cheng Xiaoyan (born 1975), Chinese shot putter
Gao Xiaoyan (born 1957), Chinese army major general
Liao Xiaoyan (born 1987), Chinese hammer thrower
Pai Hsiao-yen (1980–1997), Taiwanese murder victim
Wang Xiaoyan (born 1970), Chinese Olympic softball player
Yang Xiaoyan (born 1930), Chinese name of bridge player Katherine Wei-Sender
Yang Xiaoyan (born 1980), Chinese Olympic sailor
Zhou Xiaoyan (born 1917), Chinese opera singer
Zhuang Xiaoyan (born 1969), Chinese judoka and Olympic champion

Famous People: 8 found on Wikipedia.
Popularity Name Birth Year Description
1 Zhou Xiaoyan 1917 Singer (1917-2016)
2 Zhuang Xiaoyan 1969 Martial artist
3 Cheng Xiaoyan 1975 Athletics competitor
4 Liao Xiaoyan 1987 Chinese female hammer thrower
5 Yang Xiaoyan 1980 Olympic sailor
6 Ha Xiaoyan 1972 Chinese athletics competitor
7 Gao Xiaoyan 1978
8 Wang Xiaoyan 1969 Chinese speed skater