Origin: Arabic
37 famous people named Yara found on Wikipedia.
4149 female, 7 male in US.
Most recent ranking: 672-th in year 2018
Best ranking: 672-th in year 2018


Yara is a given name with Arabic, Persian and Brazilian origin, the anglicized spelling of a number of (unrelated) given names.
Brazilian Portuguese Iara, a river spirit in Tupí and Guarani mythology
Persian - found its way in Turkish and Arabic Yārā يارا (Persian يارا "strength, courage") The dictionary definition of يارا at Wiktionary
Biblical Yaʿrah (יַעֲרָה) in the Masoretic text of 1 Chronicles 9:42 is a variant of יַעֲרָה yaʿărâh "forested", used as a masculine given name of a descendant of Saul (son of Micah, great grandson of Mephibosheth).
In the 1990s, Yara (without identifiable etymology or ethnic connection) began to become popular as a girl's name in Western countries.
Notable people with the name include:
Yara (singer) (born 1983), Lebanese singer
Yara Amaral (1936–1988), Brazilian actress
Yara Ahmed Baraka (born 1998), Egyptian gymnast
Yara Bernette (1920–2002), Brazilian classical pianist
Yara Cortes (1921–2002), Brazilian actress
Yara Gambirasio (1997–2010), Italian murder victim
Yara Goubran (born 1982), Egyptian actress
Yara Greyjoy, character in the Game of Thrones" HBO series, based on the "A Song of Ice and Fire" books by George R.R. Martin
Yara Kastelijn (born 1997), Dutch racing cyclist
Yara van Kerkhof (born 1990), Dutch skater
Yara Lasanta (born 1986), Puerto Rican model
Yara Martinez (born 1979), American actress
Yara Naoum (born 1987), Egyptian beauty queen
Yara Sallam (born 1985), Egyptian human-rights activist
Yara dos Santos (born 1979), Cape Verdean writer
Yara Shahidi (born 2000), Iranian-American actress
Yara Silva (born 1964), Brazilian footballer
Yara Sofia (born 1984), Puerto Rican entertainer
Yara Tupinambá (born 1932), Brazilian artist
Yara Yavelberg (1943–1971), Brazilian psychologist

Water lady, small butterfly, white flower.

Famous People: 37 found on Wikipedia.
Popularity Name Birth Year Description
1 Yara Shahidi 2000 American actress
2 Yara Martinez 1979 American actress
3 Yara Sofia 1984 Drag queen
4 Yara Lins 1929 Brazilian actress
5 Yara Lasanta 1986 Puerto Rican beauty pageant contestant
6 Yara Tchê 1988
7 Yara Naoum 1987 Egyptian beauty pageant winner
8 Yara Pilartz 1995 French actress
9 Yara 1983 Lebanese singer
10 Chatan Yara 1668 Japanese martial artist
11 Yara de Novaes 1966
12 Yusaku Yara 1948 Japanese voice actor
13 Yara Salles 1912 Brazilian actress
14 Yara Sallam 1985 Egyptian activist
15 Yara Hassan 1982 German stage actor and actor
16 Yara Amaral 1936 Brazilian actress
17 Yara Yavelberg 1943 Brazilian psychologist
18 Yara Goubran 1982 Egyptian actress
19 Passion Yara 1976 Japanese comedian
20 Yara Bernette 1920
21 Yara Debsi 1967 Syrian actor and film director
22 Yara Sarmento 1940 Brazilian actress
23 Yara Salman Entrepreneur, businesswomen and socialite
24 Yara Cortes 1921 Brazilian actor
25 Yara Khoury-Mikhael 1992 Lebanese model
26 Yara Linss 1980 Brazilian singer
27 Yara Tupinambá 1932 Brazilian artist
28 Yara van Kerkhof 1990 Dutch short track speed skater
29 Yara dos Santos 1979
30 Chōbyō Yara 1902 Japanese politician and teacher (1902-1997)
31 Yara Cecim
32 Yara Ahmed Baraka 1998
33 Yara Nijboer 1992
34 Yara Kastelijn 1997 Dutch sportsperson
35 Yara Silva 1964
36 Yara Manier 1932
37 Yara Bader