Origin: African
12 famous people named Afolabi found on Wikipedia.
25 male in US.
Most recent ranking: 12154-th in year 2013
Best ranking: 8817-th in year 1994
Used in: African


Afolabi is a name of Yoruba origin that means "born in wealth and high status". Notable people with the name include:
Afolabi Olabimtan (1932-2003), Nigerian politician and writer
Ola Afolabi (born 1980), British boxer
Bidemi Afolabi (born 1995), Nigerian footballer
Olabisi Afolabi (born 1975), Nigerian athlete
Rabiu Afolabi (born 1980), Nigerian footballer
S. A. Afolabi (born 1966), Nigerian novelist and short story writer
Oladapo Afolabi (born 1953), Nigerian academic and public servant
Afolabi Olumide, Nigerian academic and pioneering vice chancellor of Lagos State University

Means: born into wealth in Yoruba.

Famous People: 12 found on Wikipedia.
Popularity Name Birth Year Description
1 Ola Afolabi 1980 Boxer
2 Rabiu Afolabi 1980 Nigerian footballer
3 Okiki Afolabi 1994 Soccer player
4 Afolabi Obafemi 1994 Footballer
5 Oladapo Afolabi 1953 Nigerian politician
6 Sunday Afolabi Nigerian politician
7 Bidemi Afolabi 1995 Nigerian footballer
8 Taiwo Afolabi 1962 Nigerian business magnate, lawyer
9 Abdulwaheed Afolabi 1991 Footballer
10 Afolabi Olabimtan 1932 Nigerian politician
11 Olabisi Afolabi 1975 Athletics competitor
12 S. A. Afolabi 1966 Writer