Origin: Hebrew, Latin
58 famous people named Annabel found on Wikipedia.
13903 female in US.
Most recent ranking: 949-th in year 2018
Best ranking: 447-th in year 2014
Used in: Dutch, English


Annabelle (also spelt Annabel, Anabel or Anabelle) is a female given name, a variant of Amabel probably influenced by Anna, which means "graceful" or "favour" and comes from Latin and Greek roots. Annabel also has part of the French word Belle, which means "Beautiful". Belle is sometimes used as a given name in the English language. It can also be a contraction of the Spanish name 'Ana Isabel'.
It can refer to the following people:
Annabelle Apsion (British actress)
Annabel Astor, Viscountess Astor (English socialite)
Annabel Chong a.k.a. Grace Quek (pornographic actress)
Annabelle Chvostek (Canadian singer/songwriter)
Annabelle Cripps (British swimmer)
Annabel Croft (tennis player)
Annabel Elliot sister of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall
Annabelle Ewing (Scottish politician)
Annabel Giles (writer)
Annabel Langbein (New Zealand chef)
Annabel Goldie (Scottish politician)
Lady Annabel Goldsmith (English socialite)
Annabel Lamb (singer)
Annabel Lyon (writer)
Annabelle Lyon (dancer)
Annabel Miguelena (Panamanian writer and actress)
Annabel Mullion (English actress)
Annabel Port (Radio presenter)
Dame Annabelle Rankin (Australian politician)
Annabel Young (former New Zealand politician)
Annabel (singer) (Japanese solo and doujin singer)
Annabelle (singer) (French singer and actress)
It can refer to the following fictional characters:
Annabel Lee in the poem "Annabel Lee" by Edgar Allan Poe
"Annabel" (Evelyn Draper) in the film Play Misty for Me
"Annabelle" (purple and pink whippet, spoken by Bebe Neuwirth) in the films All Dogs Go to Heaven, All Dogs Go to Heaven 2, All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series as well as the cartoon movie An All Dogs Christmas Carol
Annabel Greene, a character in Just Listen (novel) by Sarah Dessen

Possibly elaborated form of Anna, or when combined with Belle. Variant of Amabel, derived from Latin, means: lovable, beautiful, graceful, he (God) has favored me.

Famous People: 58 found on Wikipedia.
Popularity Name Birth Year Description
1 Annabel Chong 1972 Pornographic actress & director
2 Annabel Croft 1966 British tennis player
3 Annabel Scholey 1984 British actress
4 Annabel Langbein New Zealand chef
5 Annabel Crabb 1973 Australian journalist and commentator
6 Annabel Giles 1959 British broadcaster, writer, author and model
7 Annabel Astor, Viscountess Astor 1948 English socialite and jewelry designer
8 Annabel Tiffin 1968 British journalist
9 Annabel Jankel 1955 British film director
10 Annabel Buffet 1928 French writer
11 Annabel Davis-Goff 1942 Irish/US author
12 Annabel Goldie 1950 British politician
13 Annabel Elliot 1949 British interior designer
14 Annabel Brooks 1962 British actress
15 Annabel Heseltine 1963 British journalist
16 Annabel Port 1975 British radio personality
17 Annabel Karmel 1957 British food writer
18 Annabel Lamb 1958 British singer-songwriter
19 Annabel Mullion 1969 British actress
20 Annabel Pitcher 1982 British children's writer
21 Annabel Park 1968 American filmmaker
22 Annabel Lee 2000 American actor and publisher
23 Annabel Leventon 1942 Actress
24 Annabel Arden 1959 British theatre and opera director
25 Annabel Lyon 1971 Canadian writer
26 Annabel Fay 1987 New Zealand singer
27 Annabel Palma American politician
28 Annabel Vernon 1982 British rower
29 Annabel Luxford 1982 Triathlete
30 Annabel Ellwood 1978 Australian tennis player
31 Annabel Schofield 1963 Welsh actor and model
32 Annabel Tollman 1974 Fashion journalist and editor of Interview magazine
33 Annabel Venning 1973 British journalist
34 Annabel Ritchie 1978 New Zealand rower and lawyer
35 Annabel Whitehead 1943
36 Annabel Breuer 1992 Wheelchair fencer and 1.5 point wheelchair basketball player
37 Annabel Digance Australian politician
38 Annabel Reid British actress
39 Annabel Young 1956 New Zealand politician
40 Annabel Kosten 1977 Swimmer
41 Annabel Linquist 1980 American artist
42 Annabel Tan 1984 Singaporean model
43 Annabel Jäger 1994 Association footballer
44 Annabel Wolf 1997 German voice actor
45 Annabel Cervantes 1969 Catalan writer
46 Annabel Dover
47 Annabel Miguelena 1984 Panamanian writer
48 Annabel Farjeon 1919
49 Annabel Soutar 1971 Canadian playwright
50 Annabel Marcos i Vilar 1968 Spanish politician
51 Annabel Walker 1958 English writer
52 Annabel Maule 1922 British actress
53 Annabel Jarman 1984 American opera singer
54 Annabel 1975 French comics artist
55 Annabel Chaulvin French yacht racer
56 Annabel Holtkamp 1955 German athletics competitor
57 Annabel Guérédrat and Henri Tauliaut
58 Annabel Balean Guaita 1971 Norwegian pianist