Origin: Gaelic
3 famous people named Buksh found on Wikipedia.


Buksh or Bukhsh (Persian: بخش ‎‎) is a Muslim surname or male given name, derived from the Persian word bakhsh, meaning "fate", "destiny" or "share". An alternative spelling is Bux. The name may refer to:
Allah Bukhsh Karim Bukhsh Brohi (1915–1987), Pakistani politician
Anisur Khuda-Bukhsh (born 1948), Indian zoologist
Khuda Buksh (1912–1974), Indian businessman
M. S. Buksh (died 1963), Fijian politician
Malik Khuda Buksh Tiwana, Pakistani politician
Mirza Namrud Buksh (1925–2007), Fijian politician
Kader Buksh Hussain , Town kazi TN India

Famous People: 3 found on Wikipedia.
Popularity Name Birth Year Description
1 Khuda Buksh 1912
2 M. S. Buksh Fijian politician
3 Mirza Namrud Buksh 1925 Fijian politician