Origin: Gaelic


Dervla and Derval are female Irish given names, anglicised from Deirbhile and Dearbhail respectively. Dearbhla is a Gaelicised hybrid of the two names. Deirbhile means "daughter of the fili [poet]". Dearbháil, a common medieval name, may mean "daughter of Fál", Fál being a poetic name for Ireland; or else "true desire".
People with these names include:
Deirbhile, Dervla
Darbiled or Deirbhile, an anchoress who founded a monastery at Erris in the sixth century
Dervla Kirwan (b.1971) Irish actress
Dervla Murphy (b.1931) Irish travel writer
Dervla Burke, musician in the country band Crystal Swing
Dervla Magennis, contestant in series 1 of The Voice of Ireland
Derbáil, Dearbháil, Dearbhail, Derval
Dearbhail inion Tadhg mac Cathal (died 925), aunt of Cathal mac Conchobair, king of Connacht
Derval O'Rourke (b. 1981), sprint hurdler
Derval Symes, visual artist
Dearbhla Walsh, film and television director
Dearbhla Molloy (b. 1946), actress

Irish name composed of the Gaelic elements der (daughter) and fal (destiny); means: daughter of destiny. Means: true desire.