Origin: German
7 famous people named Robine found on Wikipedia.
37 female in US.
Most recent ranking: 7093-th in year 1972
Best ranking: 5199-th in year 1963


Robine is a name. It may refer to:
Robine van der Meer (born 1971), Dutch actress and model
Jean-Marie Robine (born c. 1960), French demographer and gerontologist

Diminutive of Robert: bright fame. Combine of hrod (fame) and beraht (bright).

Famous People: 7 found on Wikipedia.
Popularity Name Birth Year Description
1 Robine van der Meer 1971 Dutch actress
2 Martine Robine 1964 French model
3 Jean-Marie Robine Demographer, gerontologist, author and journalist. Founded the International Database on Longevity
4 Marc Robine 1950 French singer
5 Marie Robine
6 Robine Clignett 1948 Dutch artist and writer
7 Robine Rijke