Origin: Greek
48 famous people named Teri found on Wikipedia.
43916 female, 214 male in US.
Most recent ranking: 17771-th in year 2018
Best ranking: 172-th in year 1960
Used in: English


Teri is the name given to those who are born in the town of Hawick in the Borders region of southern Scotland.
Teri is a given name. Notable people with the name include:
Teri Ann Linn (born 1961), American actress and singer
Teri Austin (born 1957), Canadian actress
Teri Byrne (born 1972), American fitness competitor
Teri Clemens, retired American volleyball coach
Teri Copley (born 1961), American actress
Teri DeSario (born 1951), American singer and songwriter
Teri Greeves (born 1970), Kiowa-Comanche-Italian beadwork artist
Teri Garr (born 1944), American actress
Teri Greeves (born 1970), American artist
Teri Harrison (born 1981), American model
Teri Hatcher (born 1964), American actress
Teri Holbrook, American mystery writer
Teri Hope, (born 1939), American model and actress
Teri Lake (born 1972), Canadian curler
Teri McKeever (born 1962), American college and Olympic swimming coach
Teri McMinn (born 1951), American actress
Teri Moïse (born 1970), American singer
Teri Peterson, (born 1959), former Playboy playmate
Teri Polo (born 1969), American actress
Teri Shields (born 1933), American actress, film producer, socialite, and former model
Teri Steer-Cantwell (born 1975), American shot putter
Teri Sue Wood (born 1965), American comic artist
Teri Takai, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Networks and Information Integration and the Chief Information Officer for the United States Department of Defense (2010-)
Teri Thornton (1934–2000), American jazz singer
Teri Tordai, Hungarian actress
Teri Weigel (born 1962), former Playboy playmate

Derived from the Greek therizein: to reap, to gather in, harvester.

Famous People: 48 found on Wikipedia.
Popularity Name Birth Year Description
1 Teri Hatcher 1964 American actress, presenter, writer
2 Teri Garr 1944 American film and television actress
3 Teri Polo 1969 American actress
4 Teri Weigel 1962 American pornographic actress and model
5 Teri Reeves 1981 American actress
6 Teri Shields 1933 American actress, film producer, socialite, and former model
7 Teri Gender Bender 1989 American singer
8 Teri Bauer 1969 Character from the television series 24
9 Teri Copley 1961 American actress
10 Teri Blitzen 2000 Czech YouTuber and blogger
11 Teri McMinn 1951 American actress
12 Teri Byrne 1972 American model and dancer
13 Teri DeSario 1951 American singer
14 Teri Niitti 1973 Finnish stylist
15 Teri Austin 1957 Canadian actress
16 Teri Harrison 1981 American actress and model
17 Teri Joseph
18 Teri Ann Linn 1961 American actress and singer
19 Teri Moïse 1970 American singer
20 Teri Woods American novelist
21 Teri Hope 1939 American actress and model
22 Teri McKeever 1962 American swimming coach
23 Teri Peterson 1959 American actress
24 Teri Thornton 1934 American jazz singer
25 Teri Moren 1969
26 Teri Steer 1975 Athletics competitor
27 Teri Greeves 1970 Kiowa bead artist from Santa Fe, New Mexico
28 Teri Tordai 1941 Hungarian actress
29 Teri Keane 1925
30 Teri Clark Linden American actress
31 Teri Takai Politician and CIO
32 Teri Harangozó 1943 Hungarian singer
33 Teri W. Odom American chemist and materials scientist
34 Teri MacDonald 1963 Canadian stock car racing driver
35 Teri Lake 1981 Curler from Nova Scotia
36 Teri Sue Wood 1965 American comic book artist
37 Teri Hart Canadian television and radio personality
38 Teri Holbrook American writer
39 Teri White 1946 American writer
40 Teri Kirk
41 Teri Hickel
42 Teri Clemens American volleyball coach
43 Teri Rofkar 1956
44 Teri Wyble
45 Teri Náray 1916 Hungarian actress
46 Teri Horváth 1929 Hungarian actress
47 Teri Földi 1934 Hungarian actress
48 Teri Fejes 1902 Hungarian actress