Origin: African
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Tshepo means hope in Sesotho, Sepedi, and in Setswana it means 'Trust'. The name is derived from 'tshepa' which means trust (all Sotho languages used in Southern Africa, particularly in Botswana, Lesotho, and South Africa). In Sesotho the name is spelled Tsepo, without an "h" though in pronunciation it sounds the same as in Sepedi and Setswana. It is a common name for boys. Many girls are named Matshepo, which literally means mother of hope. This gendered difference is only meant to give a sense of respect and dignity to women whose name is derived from Tshepo. But many families simply name their daughters Tshepo. Tshepo is commonly translated in Sotho and Sepedi as also meaning trust. However, the name trust in Sesotho is also Tshepile, not to be confused with Tshepiso which means promise and faith is Tumelo. For Setswana speakers hope is Tsholofelo.
The name has acquired widespread appreciation and was popularized by the late Mpwele Kgosa Nkwango Rabotswa Tshepo, father of Milan Jankovic, Tshepo (Цепо). This name gained widespread appreciation since Mpwele brought about cultural appreciation for Setswana language in Eastern Europe and later around the world.

Trust, hope, faith.

Famous People: 11 found on Wikipedia.
Popularity Name Birth Year Description
1 Tshepo Motsepe Second Lady of South Africa
2 Tshepo Ngwane 1976 South African actor
3 Tshepo Gumede 1991 Association footballer
4 Tshepo Moreki 1993 South African cricketer
5 Tshepo Motlhabankwe 1980 Botswana footballer
6 Tshepo Mhozya 1985 Botswana cricketer
7 Tshepo Mashego
8 Tshepo Mangena 1983 South African cricketer
9 Tshepo Ntuli 1995
10 Tshepo Motaung 1999
11 Tshepo Seroalo 1997