Origin: Hebrew
33 famous people named Shai found on Wikipedia.
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Best ranking: 1678-th in year 1993
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For the 1990s R&B group, see Shai; for the forebear of Mossad see Shai (Haganah unit)
Shai (also spelt Sai, occasionally Shay, and in Greek, Psais) was the deification of the concept of fate in Egyptian mythology. As a concept, with no particular reason for associating one gender over another, Shai was sometimes considered female, rather than the more usual understanding of being male, in which circumstance Shai was referred to as Shait (simply the feminine form of the name). His name reflects his function, as it means (that which is) ordained.
As the god of fate, it was said that he determined the span of each man's life, and was present at the judgement of the soul of the deceased in duat. In consequence, he was sometimes identified as the husband of Mesenet, goddess of birth, or, in later years, of Renenutet, who assigned the Ren, and had become considered goddess of fortune. Because of the power associated in the concept, Akhenaten, in introducing monotheism, said that Shai was an attribute of Aten, whereas Ramses II claimed to be lord of Shai (i.e. lord of fate).
During Ptolemaic Egypt, Shai, as god of fate, was identified with the Greek god Agathodaemon, who was the god of fortune telling. Thus, since Agathodaemon was considered to be a serpent, and the word Shai was also the Egyptian word for pig, in the Hellenic period, Shai was sometimes depicted as a serpent-headed pig, known to Egyptologists as the Shai animal.


Famous People: 33 found on Wikipedia.
Popularity Name Birth Year Description
1 Shai Agassi 1968 Founder and CEO of Better Place
2 Shai Linne 1974 Rap artist
3 Shai Hope 1993 Barbadian cricketer
4 Shai Reshef 1955 American businessman
5 Shai Maestro 1987 Israeli pianist
6 Shai Piron 1965 Israeli politician
7 Nachman Shai 1946 Israeli politician
8 Shai Held 1971 American academic
9 Shai Hoffmann 1982 German actor
10 Shai Dromi Israeli farmer
11 Shai Wosner 1976 Israeli pianist
12 Shai Gabso 1984 Israeli singer
13 Isaac Shai 1971 Association footballer
14 Shai Dahan 1979 American painter
15 Shai Halevi 1966 Israeli cryptographer
16 Shai Cohen 1968 Israeli musician
17 Shai Biruk 1984 Israeli footballer
18 Shai Haddad 1987 Israeli footballer
19 Shai Maimon 1986 Israeli footballer
20 Shai Hermesh 1944 Israeli politician
21 Shai Oster American journalist
22 Shai Alexander 1979 Australian actor
23 Shai Livnat 1984 Israeli swimmer
24 Shai Jahn Ghafoor Guantanamo detainees known to have been released
25 Shai Abuhatsira 1980 Israeli politician
26 Shai Bolton 1998 Australian rules footballer
27 Mantri Ananda Shai
28 Shai Almeida Brazilian actress
29 Shai Goldstein 1968
30 Shai Zakai
31 Shai Maaravi 1996 Israeli ice hockey player
32 Shai Bachar 1969
33 Shai Gilgeous-Alexander