Origin: Greek, Latin
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Demetrius is the Latinized form of the Ancient Greek male given name Dēmḗtrios (Δημήτριος), meaning "devoted to Demeter". Alternate forms include Demetrios, Dimitrios, Dimitris, Dmytro, Dimitri, Demitri, Dhimitër, and Dimitrije, in addition to other forms (such as Russian Dmitri) descended from it.
Demetrius and its variations may refer to the following:
Pope Demetrius I of Alexandria, ruled in 189–232
Demetrius of Alopece (4th century BCE), Greek sculptor noted for his realism
Demetrius of Phalerum (c. 350 – 280 BCE)
Demetrius I of Macedon (337–283 BCE), called Poliorcetes, son of Antigonus I Monophthalmus, King of Macedonia 294–288 BCE
Demetrius II Aetolicus, son of Antigonus II, King of Macedonia 239–229 BCE
Demetrius, son of Philip V of Macedon
Demetrius the Chronographer (late 3rd century BCE), Jewish chronicler (historian)
Demetrius I Soter (185–150 BCE), king of Syria
Demetrius I of Bactria (d. 180 BCE), Greek king of Bactria
Demetrius II of India (fl. early 2nd century BCE), possible relative of the above
Demetrius II Nicator (d. 125 BCE), son of Demetrius I Soter
Demetrius III Aniketos, Indo-Greek king c. 100 BCE
Demetrius III Eucaerus (d. 88 BCE), son of Antiochus VIII Grypus, Seleucid King
Demetrius the Cynic (1st century), Cynic philosopher
Demetrius of Thessaloniki (d. 306), Christian martyr and saint
Demetrius Zvonimir (died 1089), King of Croatia 1075–1089
Demetrius I of Georgia, son of David IV of Georgia the Great, (1125–1156)
Demetrius the Neomartyr (1779–1803), Orthodox Crystian martyr and saint
Pope Demetrius II of Alexandria, ruled in 1861–1870
Pseudo-Demetrius I, also known as False Dimitry I, Tsar of Russia, ruled 1605–1606
Demetrius, a main character in Friedrich Schiller's dramatic fragment of the same name, as well as in Alexander Pushkin's blank verse drama Boris Godunov and several other works of literature; the figure is modelled after False Dimitry I, short-time Tsar of Russia, claiming descent of Ivan the Terrible
Demetrius, a main character in William Shakespeare's play, A Midsummer Night's Dream; Demetrius is also a villainous character in Shakespeare's revenge tragedy, Titus Andronicus
Demetrius, a character in Mira Nair's Mississippi Masala
Demetrius, a Greek slave in the Lloyd C. Douglas Christian novel The Robe and its film sequel below
Demetrius and the Gladiators, a 1953 20th Century Fox film
Demetri, a fictional character in the Twilight fantasy series
Demetri Martin, American comedian
Demitri Maximoff, a vampire from the Capcom video game series Darkstalkers
Demetri McCamey, American basketball player
Dimitrij, an opera by Antonín Dvořák
Dmitry Donskoy (1350–1389), Russian prince
Dmitri Kissoff, a character in Stanley Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister of Russia
Dmitri Mendeleev Russian chemist, creator of the first periodic table
Dimitri Petrenko, a character in the first-person shooter Call of Duty: World at War
Dmitri Shostakovich Russian composer
Dimitri Kitsikis Greek Geopolitician
Dimitrios Salpingidis Greek footballer
Dimitrios Papadopoulos Greek footballer
Dimitrios Siovas Greek footballer
Dimitrije Tucović Serbian politician
Dimitrije Injac Serbian footballer
Dimitrije Ljotić Serbian politician
Dimitrije Pejanović Serbian handballer
Dimitrije Mitrinović Serbian writer
Dimitri Davidović Serbian footballer
Dositej Obradović Serbian writer
Dimitrije Ruvarac Serbian writer
Dimitrije Banjac Serbian actor
Dome Sztojay Serbian politician
Dimitrije Avramović Serbian painter
Dimitrije T. Leko Serbian architect
Serbian Patriarch Dimitrije of the Serbian Orthodox Church
Dimitrije Bašičević Serbian painter
Dimitri Nanopoulos Greek Physicist
Demetrius Treadwell (born 1991), American basketball player for Hapoel Gilboa Galil of the Israeli League Liga Leumit
Lucia Demetrius, Romanian writer
Vasile Demetrius, Romanian writer

Follower of Demeter: goddess of the harvest and agriculture. Means: earth mother, barley mother.

Famous People: 89 found on Wikipedia.
Popularity Name Birth Year Description
1 Demetrius Shipp, Jr. 1988
2 Demetrius Flenory 1968 American drug trafficker, CEO of BMF Entertainment
3 Demetrius Jackson 1994
4 Demetrius Andrade 1988 American boxer
5 Demetrius I of Macedon King of Macedon
6 Demetrius Grosse 1981
7 Demetrius of Thessaloniki 0300 Christian martyr
8 Demetrius I of Bactria Bactrian King
9 Demetrius Joyette 1993 Canadian actor
10 Demetrius "Hook" Mitchell 1968 American basketball player
11 Demetrius Harris 1991 American football and basketball player
12 Demetrius Zvonimir of Croatia King of Croatia from 8 October 1076 until his death
13 Demetrius I Soter
14 Demetrius II Nicator Seleucid king
15 Demetrius Vikelas 1835 Greek businessman and writer; president of the International Olympic Committee
16 Demetrius of Phalerum Ancient Greek statesman and philosopher
17 Demetrius II Aetolicus King of Macedonia
18 Demetrius McCray 1991 American football player
19 Demetrius II of India Indo-Greek king
20 Demetrius of Pharos Greek petty king
21 Demetrius III Eucaerus
22 Demetrius Augustine Gallitzin 1770 Missionary priest in America
23 Demetrius I of Georgia 1093 King of Georgia
24 Demetrius Crawford 1986 American gridiron player
25 Demetrius Williams 1983 American football player
26 Demetrius Byrd 1986 American football wide receiver
27 Demetrius Rhaney 1992 American football offensive center
28 Demetrius Jones 1988 American football player
29 Demetrios III
30 Demetrius Hopkins 1980 American boxer
31 Demetrius Pinder 1989 Bahamian sprinter
32 Demetrius Navarro American actor
33 Demetrius DuBose 1971 American football player
34 Demetrius II of Georgia 1259 King of Georgia
35 Claude Demetrius 1916 American musician
36 Demetrius Conger 1990
37 Demetrius the Fair King of Cyrene
38 Demetrius Beauchamp 1991 American association football player
39 Demetrius the Cynic Ancient Greek philosopher
40 Demetrius Wright 1991 American football player
41 Demetrius of Montferrat 1205
42 Demetrius Constantine Dounis 1886 Greek violinist
43 Demetrius Brown
44 Demetrius Newton 1928 American politician
45 Demetrius Lacon
46 Demetrius I Starshy 1327 Belarusian noble
47 Demetrius Calip 1969 American basketball player
48 Lloyd Demetrius American mathematician
49 Demetrius the Chronographer Jewish chronicler
50 Demetrius Alexander 1975 American basketball player
51 Demetrius Comino 1902 Australian businessman
52 Demetrius of Alopece Athenian sculptor
53 Demetrius Havanas 1950 American martial artist
54 Demetrius Charles Boulger 1853 British historian
55 Demetrius of Scepsis
56 Demetrius Atsalis 1964 American politician
57 Demetrius Ferreira 1974 Brazilian footballer and manager
58 Demetrius Triclinius 1280
59 Demetrius of Anacopia Georgian prince
60 Demetrius Douglas American politician
61 Demetrius Treadwell 1991
62 Demetrius I Qadi 1861 Melkite Greek Catholic Patriarch of Antioch
63 Demetrius Wilson
64 Demetrius II of Abkhazia
65 Demetrius Ducas Greek educator
66 Demetrius of Antioch
67 Dimitrios Chondros 1882 Greek physicists and university professor
68 Demetrius Oliver American artist
69 Lucia Demetrius 1910 Romanian novelist, poet, playwright and translator
70 Demetrius Ross 1989 American musician
71 Demetrius of Esztergom Hungarian prelate and politician
72 Demetrius of Amphipolis Ancient Greek philosopher
73 Demetrius I Csák
74 Demetrius the Neomartyr
75 Demetrius of Magnesia
76 Vasile Demetrius 1878 Romanian prose writer, poet and translator
77 Demetrius of Bulgaria
78 Demetrius III of Abkhazia
79 Demetrius the Hypatos
80 Demetrius of Apamea
81 Demetrius
82 Demetrius Martin Greschuk 1923
83 Demetrius of Alexandria
84 Mac Demetrius 1982 Polish disc jockey
85 Demetrius Rozenits 1874 Austrian priest and politician
86 Demetrius di Marogna 1803
87 Demetrius of Tiflis
88 Demetrius Lodi
89 Demeter de Mézes Hungarian bishop